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Pivotal Big Data Suite as a big data analytics platform, offers just the right tools for managing big data, building applications using the data, and also analyzing the data. Pivotal provides the right environment for enterprises to build big data analytics for cloud-based infrastructure. Now pivotal offers a variety of data management products, application development tools, and analytics development platforms. And all of these tools and services can be on a customer’s variety of public clouds.

Great software companies know the best way to change the user experience; they understand how to put data to work and reach new profitability and efficiency. Also, these software companies know how to leverage big data and help companies manage their big data. Pivotal big data suite offers enterprises tools to enable them to discover more insights from data analytics, modernize their data architecture, and also build analytic applications at scale.

Pivotal Big Data Suite

What Makes Up Pivotal Big Data Suite

Pivotal Data Suite is a simple subscription license that provides essential elements of modern, cloud-native data architecture to build and implement the right algorithm for Smart applications. Furthermore, this Big Data Analytics Platform offers three basic solutions, which are all contained in a single subscription license, and they include:

  • Pivotal HDP: This is an Apache Hadoop-native analytical database that is powered by Apache HAWG. This solution enables high-performance ad hoc queries and predictive analysis of data stored in HDFS and other related tools.
  • Pivotal Greenplum: Pivotal Greenplum delivers high analytical query performance on large data volume. It is highly advanced with lots of features for powerful and rapid analytics on petabytes scale data volume. It is an open-source MPP analytical database for Big data analytics and Machine learning. Pivotal Greenplum just offers you a set of features to meet your data warehousing and analytics needs.
  • Pivotal Gemfire: This is also powered by Apache Geode and is designed to support high volume, data-driven operational and transactional applications. Applications powered by Gemfire notify applications of new and updated data by operationalizing Big Data insights. Gemfire can also process many simultaneous operations and do much more for Big Data analytics.

Benefits of Pivotal Data Suite 

You may be wondering why you should use pivotal Data Suite; well, there are many benefits of using this Big Data Analytics Platform. Now, let’s look at some of those advantages:

  • Gain deeper insights through high-performance analysis of vast sets of data. So you can discover more insights by using pivotal Data Suite.
  • Your business can become more agile, enabling quick deployment and management of a set of analytics-optimized business data.  
  • Utilize SQL on Hadoop to leverage advanced analytics to become a predictive business.  
  • Create predictive analytic applications at any scale to turn insights into action. And also, create a data science differentiator for your data-driven enterprise.
  • Use SQL (Structured Query language) On Hadoop to elastically scale processing power in public and private clouds for advanced analytics.

In summary, Pivotal Data Suite offers your enterprise just the right tools for Big Data analysis, and you should take advantage of it.

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