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Ray Super smart Remote Review – The Ray Super Remote is one of the best universal remotes that offer you the smartest ways of watching TV.

The Ray super remote control has changed the paradigm for viewing TV remotes. The TV remote is not just a hand-held clicker with buttons for surfing through Channels; it is much more.

With Ray Super Remote, you can view all content of your TV and DVR right on your remote.

Ray super remote has a sleek design, customizable interface, list of TV channels on the remote screen, and it can also program DVR. This universal remote is just like a smartphone that you use in controlling and surfing TV channels.

With Ray super remote, you have everything that is on your TV and DVR right on a screen in front of you.

Ray Super smart Remote Review

Ray Super Smart Remote Review

Now, let’s look at some important aspects of this amazing device:

  • Design: Ray super remote is not like your regular or traditional TV remote. It looks like a smartphone (similar to iPhone 6s in size and shape) at 5.5×2.5×0.5 inches and 5.7 ounces. You will find only three physical buttons that feature the screen lock, volume rocker, and mute. The remote is comfortable to hold, and the battery also lasts for days. However, if the battery runs out, you can simply pop the remote into its charging cradle. The screen also has a great display of 1120 x480 pixels. It may not be the sharpest, but everything on the screen is crisp and clear.
  • Setup: Super Ray remote sends commands directly to your TV remote or stereo, unlike Logitech Harmony Remote that sends commands through a hub. You can set up your remote to control different devices at once. You can simply connect the remote to your WiFi and start inputting other components. Now, you can set up your Dish Tv, Netflix, Apple TV, Roku, Xbox One, and other compatible components. With your Ray Remote, you can enjoy advanced features on your dish; you can set recordings, control & browse DVR, as well as browse video-on-demand content.
ray remote function
  • Interface: The interface is user friendly and easy to understand. The home screen displays all your viewing options, but you have some work to do if you want to set up all options. The interface is customizable, so you can reorder everything to suit you. This way, the devices or viewing options you use regularly can be at the top of the home screen, and you don’t have to deal with the job of scrolling. The remote turns off automatically after a minute of inactivity, and you can wake it up by pressing the button at the side.
  • Performance: Ray super remote functions quite amazingly, it brings your TV content to a smaller screen that you can control with ease. You can view your TV programs on the remote screen, Movies, Sports and News. And you can customize this to look the way you want it. You can also record shows on your remote and enjoy many more features. This device also allows for smart-home integration.


Ray Super Remote is unlike any remote you have seen before; it offers you the smartest ways of watching TV.

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