Rokid Glass | Chinese startup Rokid COVID-19 Detection Glasses

Rokid Glass – Rokid is among a wave of Chinese companies creating technology to address the coronavirus pandemic, which has dealt with the economy of the world.

Rokid is a Chinese startup that develops augmented reality products for use in both manufacturing and gaming companies. The Rokid Chinese startup has found a growth area amid this global pandemic by providing detectable glasses that measure human temperature anywhere and anytime.

The Rokid Chinese Company is in talks with several companies both in China and around the world to start selling its detectable glasses. The detectable glasses will soon be rolled out to the U.S. market and also other countries.

According to Rokid director Lian guan, the Chinese startup plans to sell its devices in the U.S. to help hospitals, businesses, and law enforcement agencies easily detect covid19 symptoms.

The company is working in great deals with U.S. hospitals and local municipalities to deliver shipments of the smart detectable glasses. One public venture that has used the detectable glasses is a California based e-commerce company WEEE.

Rokid Glass

Functions of Rokid COVID-19 Detectable Glasses

Chinese startup Rokid has developed its thermal glasses to detect covid19 symptoms in affected persons, especially high temperature associated with the coronavirus disease.

The detectable glasses integrate thermal infrared sensors as well as AI and AR features. Also, it operates as a non-contact thermal temperature monitoring equipment.

The Rokid detectable glasses is for use in public places, such as;

  • Hospitals.
  • Motor parks.
  • Stations.
  • Airports.
  • Scenic spots, and so on.

The detectable glasses have a built in thermal vision app, which easily detects temperature. Once equipped with a camera, connected and set up, the thermal capabilities display faces allowing automatic temperature measuring.

The Rokid covid19 detectable glasses perform other functions like connecting via a USB port. Furthermore, it is set up for IoT capabilities for commercial clients to synchronize to their own platforms easily.

rokid covid19 detection glasses

Upgrading the Rokid COVID-19 Detectable Glasses

The company said it is now working on upgrading the detectable glasses. This will enable it to take multiple temperature readings simultaneously for use in places like the airports especially.

However, the detectable glasses can be used to conduct contactless temperature measurements when faced with a big crowd of people. Rokid is not the only Chinese tech startup in the fight against coronavirus disease pandemic. However, they are indeed the top leading Chinese company working towards the fight against coronavirus disease. They have also pledge mass production of the Rokid glasses.

The most important thing about the Rokid covid19 detectable glasses is that Rokid Does not collect user information from the detectable glasses directly. The privacy of Rokid covid19 detectable glass users is one of the Rokid main priorities.

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