Samsung Gear Fit 2 Compatibility with iPhone | How to Connect Galaxy Fit 2 to iPhone

Samsung Gear Fit 2 Compatibility with iPhone – How to Connect Galaxy Fit 2 to iPhone. The Samsung wearable has gone through a series of development since 2014. Samsung Gear fit 2 has notable improvements that make it stand out from the 2014 gear fit.

It now has a better outlook and is now equally compatible with different devices. Samsung wearables were initially compatible with only Samsung devices, but it is now, however, compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Samsung’s wearable devices are powered with Tizen can now be used on the iOS devices in conjunction with their accompanying apps. While the GS2 and GS3 require the Samsung GS app, the Gear Fit2 requires the Gear Fit2 app to work.

Samsung Gear Fit 2 Compatibility with iPhone

How Does Samsung Gear Work with iOS Mobile Devices?

These apps are now available for iPhone and other latest versions, though the features and functions may vary by device. All you are required to do is download the accompanying app for the Samsung wearables.

Then you need to follow guidelines for the setting up and pairing up process.  With the wearable paired with your iOS device, you can now start tracking fitness by monitoring distance, calories burned, route traveled, and heart rate.

Samsung wearables initially had no apps, which meant that the Samsung Gear Fit 2 were not Compatibility with iPhone. However, iPhone users can now use the app for fitness tracking. Samsung G and S health apps are very important if you want to get the most out of the device. The Gear app is used to sync, adjust settings, and update the firmware of the Gear Fit2.

Many people do not really use the app after the first setup. But you can always take advantage of the 4GB onboard storage to store music files on your phone. Apart from this, this app offers native Spotify features that enable you to listen to various Spotify tunes.

Samsung wearable in conjunction with the accompanying apps, can help you track fitness and stay healthy. Samsung claims that the battery life can last for three days, so you can enjoy the devices without worrying about the battery running down fast. Now, let’s find out how to connect the Gear Fit2 app on your iPhone Device.

How to Connect Gear Fit2 App on Your iPhone Device

  • Go to the App Store to Download the Samsung wearable app. If you are using the Samsung GS2 or GS3 device, then download the Samsung Gear S app. If you are using the Gear Fit2 device, then you need to download the Gear Fit2 app.  
  • Then you need to open the Samsung Gear app and select “Connect new Gear.” Hit the “Connect“ button and select your device.
  • You have to check the passkeys on your Gear and mobile to make sure they match. If they match, just click “Pair.”  
  • Then allow Data Usage for Location information and tap “Done.”  
  • Then Tap “Allow” to allow Samsung Gear to determine your location.  
  • Read & Accept the Terms & Conditions and finally click “Done.”
  • A pop-out window that talks about keeping the app active will appear, just click “OK.”
  • And that’s it; your Samsung Gear is now connected to your iPhone.
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