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Samsung Gear Smartwatch – Nothing speaks stylish more than a fancy new smartwatch on your wrist. Furthermore, it nicely synchronized with your smartphones and personal computers so you can easily access it anytime and anywhere.

When it comes to wearable gears, Samsung electronics produces the very best wearable computing devices. If you’re interested in a sporty, smart watch or just a fancy smartwatch that will suit your everyday work, Samsung gives you the best.

Samsung is one of the best smartwatch makers worldwide; the company has been making a series of smartwatch since 2013. Unlike the Apple watch, you can use the Samsung smartwatch with your Android devices because it offers a strong battery life and some advanced features.

Samsung Gear Smartwatch

5 Best Samsung Gear Smartwatch Series

Samsung gives just the right and comfortable series of smartwatch to wear when you’re working out or to any occasion. Furthermore, Samsung now has plenty of smartwatches especially to choose from, here are our teams best picks on Samsung smartwatch series;

  • Samsung S3 frontier smartwatch — this is an ideal smartwatch for any event. It is stylish, with plenty of features, and relatively affordable rate. You can use the Samsung S3 Frontier smartwatch to receive calls, texts, and notifications directly. It has a built in speaker and microphone that makes audio calls possible, also can make payments via the Samsung pay, and even a counting functionality for the fitness enthusiast.
  • Samsung fit2 pro smartwatch – more like a Fitbit device, the fit2 pro-Samsung smartwatch has an LCD screen. It shows time, heart rate, calories burned, and how many steps you’ve taken in a minute. The smartwatch has a water resistance of about 50m, can be worn in the pool a d at the shower. It serves as a standalone music player with the option to download your favourite Spotify playlist.
  • Samsung Galaxy watch – Samsung unveils its latest smartwatch “the Galaxy watch”. The Galaxy Watch is a new brand of Samsung’s smartwatch, which has a 3G connectivity and a wireless charger. The smartwatch offers some health-related features, which includes; heart rate monitor, light sensor, barometer, and accelerometer. Samsung Galaxy Watch also tracks fitness and allows users to pick their activities; it tracks your sleep patterns to qualify how well you sleep.

More Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch

  • Samsung Galaxy watch active2 – the smartwatch is designed to be slimmer than the Galaxy watch and appropriate for workouts. It has a heart rate monitor, GPS connectivity and storage space for uploading of music tracks. It is more affordable than the most expensive Samsung smartwatch series in the market today.
  • Samsung Galaxy watch active – this smartwatch offers strong battery life and same fitness features with the active2 smartwatch. Furthermore, it lacks internet connectivity as seen on the active2, and that’s why it can be gotten at a cheaper rate than the active2 smartwatch.

With the Samsung Gear Smartwatch, you always stay in touch without reaching for your phone.

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