Schools with the Best Doctoral Programs in Education

Doctoral education programs can help you get to the top level of the education field, and there are quite excellent programs being offered by some known universities.

If you want to further your education to open the door to you working, teaching or carrying out research in the field, doctoral programs will definitely help you get there.

This PhD education prepares educators to work at government institutions, colleges, universities and even policy or educational centres. Choosing the best programs in education does make a difference. We have compiled a list of the best doctoral programs in education for you to check out:

Schools with the Best Doctoral Programs in Education

Steinhardt School, New York University

This school offers one of the best degree programs in education, which you can earn for free through tuition and scholarship programs. For those in Ed. in leadership and innovation, it takes 24 weeks to complete the program.

The coursework to focus on include Applied research methods, change and innovation, and management and data ethics. To gain admission into this university, you need to state why you want to study in the school. Also, provide your work experience and explain how it has prepared you for a learning environment.

As a prospective student, you must provide a resume, three letters of recommendation, and transcripts from your higher institution you attended.

The University Of Michigan School Of Education

This university offers PhD in various areas of focus such as Educational Policy, Leadership and Innovation, Literacy, Language and Culture and Mathematics Education. It offers additional PhD degrees in English and Education, Higher Education, Education and Psychology.

This school also provides other benefits for doctoral students; these benefits come in the form of funding of students finances for a minimum of four years. This financial support covers items like tuition, stipends and health insurance.

This insurance covers health and dental benefits for the study’s family members; these benefits are quite significant to many students considering the high cost of education and healthcare. Students produced by this school of education in Michigan are often leaders, policymakers, and researchers who improve their country’s educational status and the world.

This school challenges its students to think rigorously and to make a massive difference in the academic world with their knowledge. The students who participate in fully funded programs are assigned a 20-hour-per week assignment that may entail taking roles as a research staff or instructor.

Vanderbilt Peabody College

Vanderbilt College is well-known for producing excellent students who are often the best of the best in their fields; it is located in Nashville. This college offers PhD degree programs in Education through the Leadership, Policy and organizations department.

The focus areas include K-12 Educational Leadership and Policy (ELP) and Higher Education Leadership and Policy (HELP). If you wish to be the best in your field, this college is definitely a place to visit; not only does it offer students full funding through merit awards and University tuition Scholarships, it allows you to gain lots of experience in the field.

You gain experience and knowledge through the university’s unique mentor-apprentice model of education, which students get to practice by assisting the college’s faculty. This school offers other benefits such as health coverage, which means your health is insured and probably that of your family members, Research assistantships, Traineeships, Teacher Training awards and others.

Stanford University

This university has a high reputation across the US as one of the best schools in the country. You can become the best of the best in the education field and get the necessary tutorship and experience here.

The school offers 21 education doctoral programmes which aim at promoting research in education, teacher training and Educational psychology. Also, the School of education in this school is probably one you want to attend to improve your knowledge and experience in education.

Harvard University

Harvard University has a very high reputation across the country and even worldwide. The Harvard university doctoral programs in education focuses on various areas of concentration to help educators improve the educational system in their country and the world at large.

University Of Oxford

This university provides students with the necessary knowledge, and fieldwork needed to become the best in the education field. University of Oxford’s school of education offers degree programs in various areas of concentration. This includes; Education Policy, Leadership, and Innovation, Educational Psychology, among many other areas.

Furthermore, students produced by this university are often leaders, researchers, Policymakers and often one of the best in their field. There are lots of benefits attached to attaining your doctoral degree program from this university.

This university also hosts seminars and public lectures, which are taken by nationally distinguished personalities in the field.

University Of Hong Kong

This is also one of the world’s best universities that offers the best doctoral programs in mathematics education. You can learn a lot from their teaching model in school, and you will gain a lot of experience.

Honk Kong University provides teaching in Chinese education and English language; it also covers mathematics and science education, speech and hearing sciences, and information and technology studies.

Its school of education has research centres which include a centre for educational leadership, centre for communication disorders and a centre for the advancement of Chinese language education and research.


Reaching the apex of the educational field requires gaining a doctoral degree program in the field. So, suppose you are looking to further your study in the field and bag the necessary degrees needed. In that case, you can check out these universities because they offer the best doctoral programs in education.

The key areas of education you need to know about are right there, they use the right models to teach. Also, they produce the best students in each field of study. Some of these universities we have listed even provide health insurance programs, scholarships, etc.

Finally, you can simply check with these universities to find their requirements for prospective students seeking doctoral degrees in education. You can start from there and probably become one of the best in the educational field when you are done. You simply can’t miss out on getting your doctoral degree in education from one of the best universities in the world.

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