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Selling Cars on Facebook Marketplace – Facebook is now considered one of the largest e-marketing platforms for individual sellers, small business owners, and large scale business owners.

The online platform has created quite effective ways for business owners to reach their target audience and if you are a business owner and you know nothing about marketing on Facebook, then you are missing out on a whole lot.

Now, Facebook makes it quite easy for you to sell varieties of items ranging from personal items to business products; this is why you have to consider Facebook for online marketing.

Facebook marketplace is a convenient place for users to place listings of items they wish to sell for buyers in their location to discover and purchase.

So, if you are looking to sell your car, one place you should have in mind is the Facebook marketplace. It is quite easy to use, and it is totally free to place listings on marketplace as well as sell the items.

Facebook buy and sell groups also play important roles in online marketing; you can meet interested buyers on the platform and also advertise your items. You can sell that car in no time once you place it on these platforms, let’s show you how to go about selling on these platforms.

selling on the Facebook marketplace

Selling Cars on Facebook Marketplace

Marketplace has become quite popular to lots of internet business owners and individual sellers.

You can sell your personal items with ease once you place the listings on the marketplace to buyers in your local area.

This is how to go about selling your car on the Facebook marketplace:

  • First, you have to log into your Facebook account, then locate the marketplace on your Facebook app (it is the shop icon on your Facebook wall)
  • Click on SELL from the four options on marketplace page. Then you can choose clear photos of the car you want to sell from your camera roll. You can add as many photos as you like, you don’t get charged for that.
  • You will be prompted by Facebook to tell your buyers what you are selling, so you need to enter the title on the WHAT ARE YOU SELLING PAGE.
  • Then describe the item more to the buyers, add the color, size, model of car and other relevant info. Make it brief and catchy but do not leave out the important info.
  • Set the price for the car
  • Then choose the category your items fall into, your car will probably appear on the Vehicles category on the marketplace.
  • Then you can select the places and groups you want to the listing of your car and then click POST.
  • Once you have done this accurately, your car’s listings will appear on the Facebook marketplace for buyers to discover and contact you.
  • YOUR ITEMS option enables you to manage everything concerning the sale of your car. You can update info about your car and also receive messages from buyers and give them replies too.

The marketplace is quite easy to use, just follow the steps above and you can start selling your items in no time.

How to Place Your Car for Sale on Facebook Buy and Sell Groups

Facebook buy and sell groups are increasingly growing; this is because users have discovered that these groups are a powerful medium for online marketing.

And selling on the platform is quite easy; all you need to do is find the right group that suits your location and product, then stick to their rules to avoid being kicked out.

You can follow these steps to sell your car on Facebook buy and sell groups:

  • Click on the publisher which is the little text under the group cover photo
  • When you click in it, the sell something box opens
  • Describe your car to your buyers on the WHAT ARE YOU SELLING option; it has to be brief and catchy too.
  • Enter the price of what you are selling, add your location, description, and photos as prompted by Facebook.
  • You can then decide to post listings to the buy and sell the group as well as the marketplace; your listing will be posted on marketplace by default, but you can deselect it if you want. From the menu, you can also choose to post listings of your car to other buy and sell groups you belong to.
  • Click the BLUE POST button to post your listings once you are done. You will be notified of any comments or messages from interested buyers on the listing you posted.


Now, selling your car on Facebook should no longer be too much of a job for you, with marketplace feature and buy and sell groups available for you, you can reach your target audience and sell your car in no time.

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