How to Send SMS on Facebook – Send Text Online

Facebook has innovated a mobile service which can enable you to connect your smartphone to your Facebook account to send SMS or send text online. Immediately you successfully set up your SMS text messaging service, you can communicate and keep up with all your Facebook and friends. You can do this by sending messages of your updates and photos to your Facebook account from your phone.

Facebook will also send SMS to your phone containing friend requests, status update and posts written on your wall from your Facebook account. All you have to do is link your device to your Facebook account by heading over to your Facebook Mobile Settings.

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How to Use Facebook to Send SMS

  • Open the Facebook site and log into your account. Select the Account Option in the main menu, and click on “Account Setting when the drop-down menu is displayed.
  • Select the “Mobile” button that has a cellphone next to it in the menu on the left to reveal the Mobile settings menu.
  • Then, click on the “Add a Phone” button that is colored green, fill in your Facebook password into the input box in confirmation dialog box and select “Confirm”.
  • Choose your country or location and your telecommunication network from the respective drop-down lists. Click the next thing while Facebook shows the Activate Facebook Texts dialog box with the Facebook SMS number for your countries and a code you will need in order to access an activation code from Facebook. Make sure you don’t close this window so that you can always go back to the information in that window during your next step.
  • Launch your SMS application and create a new text message. In the recipient field, filling the Facebook SMS number for your country stated in the browser window you left open. Fill in the Facebook core given to you into the text message body and send it. After a moment, Facebook will reply you with an SMS text message. This will contain the activation code you need to fill into dialog window in your browser.
  • Fill in the activation code into the Activate Facebook Texts dialing window from the previous session. Tick the checkboxes next to the “Share My Phone Number with Friends”. Then click “Allow Friends To Text Me From Facebook” options if you will like to approve these options. Select the next button and click “Ok”. This will enable the SMS text service to connect your phone to Facebook which means you can now send SMS. You can also send updates and photos to Facebook from your smartphone and get SMs notifications from Facebook.


If you do not see your telecommunication service provider in the drop-down menu in the fourth step, this means that your network does not or has not yet supported the Facebook Mobile SMS service yet. You may have to switch your provider to another network which supports this.

You can also adjust your SMS text messaging settings by accessing the mobile settings page. On this page, you can also regulate the number of daily SMS text messages. You can also choose the kinds of Facebook notifications you’d like to receive by SMS.

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