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Skype has become quite a popular platform with millions of people patronizing it as a means of communicating with friends. You also meet new people through internet calling. Its video calling feature is one of its basic features that have got millions of people patronizing the platform. And have got more people joining the platform to make free and easy internet calls with friends.

Skype lets you make free video calls, voice calls, send instant messages to friends and share media files with them; you can simply keep in touch with friends no matter where they are with Skype. The app is available for all devices including Skype for PC for those who want to use it on their PCs.

All you need to enjoy this platform is strong internet connections, good microphones or headphones, webcam which are available on most computing devices. So you can have a great time with friends in any location you find yourself, and even use it in calling your clients and promoting your business across countries.

Video calling friends, business associates, family members or clients on a full-size screen of a computer device is often awesome; most times it seems as if the video calling feature is more fun on computer devices.

And this software has been made available for computer devices to enable you to enjoy connecting with people around the world with ease and mostly for free.

How to Download Skype for PC

Downloading Skype for your PC is not as easy as it is downloading skype for your Android or IOS devices, in fact, it is a bit complicated, but we are right here to walk you through the steps:

Skype for PC
  • Go to the official home page of Skype
  • Click the DOWNLOAD button on the Skype home page to open the download page; it will begin the download to your computer. It will also automatically determine the operating system and web browser you are using.
  • The download automatically starts on its own, but if it doesn’t you can start it manually by clicking on START DOWNLOAD again
  • Once you click the download program, you will be prompted to either save or open the SkypeSetup.exe. Choose to save the file to your hard drive, do not run it while it is still downloading.
  • Select SAVE TO DISK, choose a location to save the file which you can easily remember whenever you wish to access the file.
  • Once your download is done you need to install the program on your device
  • You can either double-click the Skype setup program you have saved on your device or just click RUN if you have the option on your device. Grant permission to a User Account Control windows if it pops up by clicking CONTINUE
  • You will be asked to choose a language once the installer program launches, select the right language from the drop-down list.
  • Then you need to accept the End User License Agreement to continue installation, and then click NEXT to continue
  • Then click the OPTIONS button and select if you wish to launch Skype as soon as installation is complete by checking the box if it is not checked already or you can uncheck the box if you don’t want it to install right away.
  • And finally, click I AGREE- INSTALL, then you can set up your Skype account; add the necessary personal details to start enjoying the app on your PC. Once this is done Skype is installed and automatically launches itself on your device.


Now you can join millions of users in making internet video calls with friends and even conducting transactions with clients from different parts of the world with your PC right from your comfort zone.

Now you can meet your online friends, get to know them face-to-face through your Skype video calling feature and you can also create a cordial relationship between you and your clients or business associates without having to travel miles to do so when you can do so right on your PC.

When you talk about one of the best internet calling services, known for its cheap data connection, video calling and free calls, then Skype is definitely what you are talking about.

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