Skype Sign in with Facebook – Facebook is a popular social media platform that connects millions of people all over the world. Almost every web application has a login option on Facebook that enables an integration of the platforms.

The users of the integrated platform can enjoy the features contained in the two different platforms. Skype and Facebook are now interconnected in such a way that you can interact with your Facebook friends on Skype.

Skype Sign in with Facebook

How to Skype Sign In With Facebook Profile

Keeping in touch with family and friends is very important, and you can do so on social media platforms. But you might be wondering how you can chat and make video calls with Facebook friends on Skype, well it is quite easy.

  • The first step in connecting your Skype with your Facebook profile is having both accounts  and;
  • Enter your username and password on Skype and log in your account.
  • Click on the Facebook icon once you log in. It will enable you to see your Facebook friends once your two accounts are connected.
  • Enter your login details and allow Skype access your Facebook. Once you log in, grant permissions to Skype to access your Facebook profile.
  • Once your Facebook profile contents with your Skype, you can post updates, start Facebook chats, view Facebook friends, comment on them on Skype. You can also see your news feed inside your Skype account.
  • You have to remember to organize your chats in a single app and remember your Facebook privacy while connecting with the other app. Your Facebook privacy enables you to control the level of access skype has on your Facebook profile.

Now you can enjoy a combination of features of the two apps and enjoy interacting with contacts from both apps.

How to Link Skype and Facebook So You Can Chat and Call Friends

You can do quite exciting things by connecting Skype to your Facebook account. You can enjoy having your Facebook friends on skype and your Skype contacts on Facebook.

The two accounts integrate as one. You can make video calls, send instant messages and keep in touch with Facebook contacts as well as Skype contacts. Calling and chatting your friends on the integrated platform is quite easy.

  • As you know, you must first connect the two accounts by signing in your Skype account and opening your Facebook profile on Skype.

Once Skype has access to your Facebook profile, you can then connect with friends.

  • All you have to do is simply select a Facebook friend from your friend’s list.
  • Then, hit the video call button from within Skype
  • Your friend will get notice of the incoming call on their web browser.

Can I Sign In Skype with Facebook on a Mobile Device?

You might be probably thinking that you enjoy having both your Facebook contacts and Skype contacts in the same place on your mobile device. Well, the sign in with Facebook features only works on desktop but not mobile devices.

However, Skype has a new update since January 2018 you can no longer implement Facebook on Skype. If your Skype login already links to your Facebook account, you will have to create a new Skype account separate from your Facebook account.

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