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Sony Electric Car – Have you heard? Japanese Sony Group has stated its plans to launch its latest EV model in a bid to explore further the Electric Vehicles’ Market during this coming spring season! Well, it might sound too good to be true, but it is. Sony’s chairman Kenichiro Yoshida announced this plan recently in the US, where he went to give a talk during the start of the CES (2022) technology conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. Remember that Sony had made this intention known to the public during CES (2020); in April (2021), they began a 5G test driving, and in December (2021), they started road driving in Europe.

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Sony, known as Sony Mobility Inc., is a new company that aims to use artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics technology to help create a world where humans and robots can coexist daily. Chairman Yoshida had also added that “its imaging, sensing and entertainment technologies put the company in a good position to redefine mobility.”

What version is the Sony Electric Car?

Chairman Yoshida had pointed out the latest version of their newly unveiled electric car to be VISION-S 02. This vehicle is said to be the same as the VISION-01, which is currently being tested on roads. And they also share the same EV/Cloud.

Sony Electric Car

What Features does the Sony Electric Car Have?

First, sensors installed around the Vision-S helps it analyze the surrounding environment to ensure safe driving. This system communicates with the driver and the HMI system, and the sound systems of the car intuitively. These sensors include

  • High resolution
  • High sensitivity
  • Wide dynamic range CMOS image sensor
  • LiDAR sensor (this has a capacity to sense 3-dimensional space.

Secondly, the car features an amazing sensor known as Time-of-Flight (ToF) that can verify and monitor the authenticity of a driver and as well watch over the passengers conveyed in the vehicle.

Again, these sensors installed in the vehicle supports intuitive gestures and voice command. A fantastic piece of information you must not forget is that Sony is currently conducting a functional verification test in Europe for the release of level 2+ ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) for public roads.

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Another amazing feature is the seat speakers. This feature works effectively like a live performance by creating a compatible streaming service with a 360 reality audio. However, an integrated digital video service is not missing either. It provides an excellent high-quality fun-filled movie experience.

It is no longer news that many automobile manufacturers are massively moving into the EV market and making heavy investments. Like Sony Electric Car, EVs Manufactured by Tesla, an American-based most valuable automobile company, is now one of the most common vehicles. Toyota is also making huge plans to join this market, although they have made an amicable move towards their goal. The world is evolving into another interesting shade that no one had ever imagined! Well, it is a highly expected development.

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