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Square Credit Card Reader – Need a device or gadget that can help turn your mobile phones into a credit card machine or a credit card processor for your company?, Square is a better device for that.

Sounds funny – how is square a device, and how does it turn your smartphones to a credit card processor. All these and many more you wish to know about the square device, stay cool while we go through the basics of the square gadgets.

Square Credit Card Reader

What is Square Gadgets?

The square gadgets are designed mainly for small businesses to help accept credit card payments and help consumers transition to a cashless and cardless lifestyle. Automatically, Square allows users to buy, sell, and send money using either an iOS or Android device.

If you’re willing to join the cashless world, keep reading through this article to learn more about how the square device can turn your smartphones to a cash register and a card processor.

Most people do not carry lots of money around them anymore; it can be inconvenient if you’re a small business owner. Square offers a free credit card reader that you can easily plug to your smartphone, which makes your smartphone a portable cash register.

Thousands and millions of merchants worldwide now use the square device for their business transactions. The square device is a small white gadget that can be plugged into a mobile phone. Square helps businesses digitize every one of their financial operations, eliminating paper invoices or process cheques and cash.

The square gadgets make mobile payment possible, and there are three types of square hardware gadgets;

  • Square reader
  • Square register
  • And square terminal/stand.

How does Square Work?

To use the square gadgets, you need to first order for a square card reader gadget online, after which you follow the process below;

  • Create a square free account.
  • Attach the square card reader to your mobile phone.
  • Download the square point of sale app (P.O.S).
  • Open the point of sale app.
  • Click sign in.
  • Enter your email address and password.
  • Allow square access to your phone’s details.
  • Customize your square point of sale base on your inventory, customers, and type of data.
  • Click start using point of sale.
  • Access card payments via square gadgets.

The sure mobile payment works in a way that is similar to many other mobile payment methods, but it’s quite unique in the world of payment processors for so many reasons.

Square Transaction Fees

Square is famous for its affordable transaction fees; businesses are using Square to take both mobile and in-store payments.

Square charges lower transaction fees than its competitors. Many square competitors in the payment processing industry tend to charge more than square fees; for this reason, small businesses have given up on the idea of credit card payments.

Square takes about 2.75% of each credit card transaction.

In conclusion, the Square Credit Card Reader is portable, elegant, and very easy to use.

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