Metakings Presale Metaverse | What is the Meta verse?

Metakings Presale Metaverse – Metakings has launched its world’s first action-based artificial intelligence (AI) metaverse game built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Metakings seem to be taking a forward step as they aim towards becoming the king of BSC games based on players’ daily, weekly, and monthly activities. What is Metakings? Metakings is an online … Read more

Metaverse Wedding | Metaverse Wedding Cost

Metaverse Wedding – The Covid-19 pandemic has brought technology into many ceremonies more than usual. For instance, some marriages have taken place on Zoom App, while some in-person ceremonies feature a livestream segment for guests who cannot be on the ground. Last year, the video of a couple whose wedding was staged in the cloud … Read more