Tech Gifts For Men | Gift Ideas For Men 2019

Is your man a tech lover? Planning on getting a special gift for him on his birthday? We’ve got you covered on the best Tech Gifts For Men. Whether you are looking for an expensive tech gift or just a simple tech gift, our team has made a research on the most popular tech gifts that will be on every male tech lover’s list.

The best Tech Gifts For Men include;

  • Apple watch series 4this device has all the functions of a fitness tracker but quite different because it displays texts from iPhones only.
  • Sony WH–1000Xm3 – the Sony pair of headphones is a real gift for every ideal and robust man. It provides quality sounds for every moment.
  • PlayStation classic—the PlayStation classic is a joint venture of Nintendo and Sony, it features a full-sized recreation of iconic dual stick controller and about 20 vintage titles including, the award-winning Ridge Racer Type 4 and Tekken 3.
  • LG OLED signature – if you really want to treat your man get him an OLED television. LG OLED signature has an amazing 0.38mm thin design which makes it look great.
  • Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker – the Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker, helps to track heart rates, calories burned, workouts, distance traveled, with an amazing feature it receives texts a and calls at a glance whenever you’re on the move.
  • Victsing shower speaker – Victsing shower speaker is an excellent device for the shower or beach moments, with a wireless waterproof feature its indeed a great device.
top tech gift for men

More Gift Ideas for Men

  • The Native union wireless chargerthis device is compatible for both Samsung Galaxy S9, iPhone XS and also for every other phone from 2018 to date. If you wish to use the device, just place your phone on top of the device, and it starts charging your phone immediately.
  • Tp-link Wi-Fi range extender – this device is used whenever more power is needed, plug the device to your wall socket and increase your WiFi range to square feet. You are sure good to go.
  • Tile materather strange, never seen such before; however, a Tile mate device helps you look for your phone or keys whenever you can’t find them. To use this device, double press the file button on your tile mate device to make your phone or keys ring even when it’s on silent mode.
  • Google Pixel 3xL—if you truly love your man, you should upgrade his phone by getting him Google’s greatest pixel. This device is useful for taking Selfie.
  • Kef Lsx – the Kef Lsx device is specially designed for people who want to listen to music in a more modernized way. It is a fantastic speaker that has both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth playback feature.
  • Braun 9 shaved – the Braun 9 series shaved is not only beautifully designed but the device has an outstanding and fantastic technology which adapts to the beard of a man with cutting 160 times a minute leaving the skin very smooth and shining.


Having gone through an array of tech gifts listed above, hope you find a tangible and worth giving tech gift to give to that special man in your life. You might also want to go through our tech gifts for women.

For more info on tech gifts for men, contact our team or leave a comment in the box below.

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