The Greatest Showman Movie Review – Barnum Musical

The Greatest Showman Movie by Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation movie directed by Michael Gracey has been highly anticipated since its preview first hit platforms worldwide. We’re happy it’s finally here but what did we think of it? We’ll tell you. In the not so distant past, La La land was heralded as the messiah of movie musicals as this once very popular movie genre made a return to cinema screens. The Greatest Showman Movie is a music, romance and drama biopic of runtime – 105 minutes.

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The Greatest Showman Movie Cast

It’s cast includes Zac Efron, Michelle Williams, Rebecca Ferguson, and Zendaya. Its lead character played by the irrepressible and ever charismatic Hugh Jackman who indeed best captures the movie title “Greatest showman” and might get a mention or more (definitely more without a doubt) when conversations of who the greatest showman on Earth is.


The Greatest Showman Movie Review

The Greatest Showman Movie details the life of Phineas T Barnum. An orphan who rises from a life of penniless obscurity on the streets to riches and global acclaim.

From a historical perspective, and putting into context the life and travails of Phineas T Barnum as the boy turned man whose life’s story this movie was adapted from.

The movie doesn’t really do his life and its journey much justice and to fully grasp the concept of Mr. Barnum, reading about his life on Wikipedia or Google might be a better suggestion than the movie. But as far as biopic adaptions go, the movie is just there!

The storyline was really good, the acting definitely of good quality, and delivery by the actors was top draw. The production was of exceptional quality and the music so infectious I had to download.

At first viewing, you might be a little let down due to all the hype that surrounded its premiere. However, with subsequent viewings, you realize it’s not as bad as once thought.

The main characters Hugh Jackman as Phineas Barnum – a showman extraordinaire with really big dreams and aspirations and entrepreneur. His wife Michele Williams as Charity. Rebecca Ferguson – the opera singer Barnum gambles it all on (a gamble which pays off spectacularly and changes the life and fortunes of Barnum) all wear their hearts on a sleeve as they all deliver a /masterclass in role interpretation, character adaptation, and screen delivery.


The Greatest Showman Movie is without a doubt a good family movie. The sing-along nature of it surely sits well with kids and teens everywhere making it a good watch for the family. But aside that, the movie does leave a lot to be desired. It gives you this feel-good feeling but also leaves you waiting for more. A ‘more’ it never really serves up leaving you divided and in two minds. In one, the movie does deliver in its storyline and acting. On the other hand, leaves you with a little tinge of disappointment. There’s this feeling that more could have been done for it to live up to its potential.  Best to say it didn’t exactly bill up to all the hype, anticipation and razzmatazz it generated and inspired after the trailer was released.

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