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Tidal music is a music service that enables musical streaming through a required subscription plan. It was originally created in Scandinavia as WIMP and it was under the technology firm called Asparo in 2009.

However, this music service ownership has changed since then. Tidal music service operates on a two-tier system. This allows its service to be at the top of its game as well as grow from where it was when it was re-launched as Tidal in 2014. Tecrada.com brings you the lowdown on all you need to know about the music streaming service.

History of the ownership of Tidal Music

It started off as WIMP in Norway and it was later re-launched as Tidal music on October 28th, 2004 in both the UK and the US. Later on along the line, the technology firm by which tidal music operates on called Asparo was purchased by a company owned by Hip-hop icon Jay-z for the sum of fifty-six million dollars.

Jay-z, however, announced the remaining co-owners of the Tidal music service and they were a number of successful artists with the likes of Beyoncé, Alicia Keys, Madonna etc. T

his announcement further launched Tidal into being the first music streaming service in the world that is completely owned by artists. Several artists have since come on board since Tidal was officially re-launched under this new ownership at a press conference on March 30, 2015. There have been allegations that Tidal music pays its artists a higher royalty than any streaming service.

Tidal Music Streaming Service subscriptions

Tidal premium service goes for $9.99 and this matches the premium price of their streaming rivals Spotify. The musical quality offered at this price is at the same bitrate of 320 kbps and this service is also supported by all the different operating systems.

Tidal Music Streaming Service

Tidal high fidelity subscription goes for $19.99 and with this subscription, you get the lossless high fidelity sound. This is unique and synonymous with tidal music.

Properties and functionalities of Tidal music service

  • Tidal music services work on all operating systems:

Tidal music service is excellent for both computers, iPhone and android alike. It has a chrome based web player with an easy to use interface. The application software is also available both on apple store and google play store.

  • The platform has a comprehensive playlist:

The playlist on this music streaming service is both comprehensive and functional. Users of this service can be able to stream music and music videos online as well like watch them offline.

  • Tidal service offers the music in a variety of formats:

The platform offers music at CD quality as well as mp3, OGG, and a number of other formats. Unlike its rival services that only offer music in mp3 and OGG. The music streamed on this service is in 16bit, 44.1 kHz FAAC form which produces a superb sound rival to none.

  • Tidal offers high fidelity music:

Tidal music services offer different services such as playlist options and recommendations of music playlist curated selectively by musical professionals. There are more than 60,000 music videos available on tidal music service.


Tidal music although late to the party have quite a number of things up their sleeves. An added advantage is the fact that it is artists co-owned although sources say that another service bought a lot of tidal shares which also makes them co-owners as well.

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