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Top 10 Insurance Companies in UK 2021 – We can’t deny having the feeling of insecurity. The need to protect our properties, protect our loved ones and ourselves from future damages. Losses are bound to happen, risks are bound to be taken but how do you go about this with minimal lose?

If yes, this is where insurance companies come into play. Insurance companies have become a vital part of the UK economy, and individuals have benefited from its scheme.

It, therefore, is good that individuals have particular insurance companies helping them mitigate losses and reduce the effect of risk.  Whether it is a life insurance company, car insurance company or health insurance, we often look out for the best services, affordable rates, quick payout, and leniency e.t.c while choosing the insurance companies we wish to use. There are multiple insurance companies in the UK, but we have a list of some which are outstanding.

You get to that age where you are expected to have a plan, to take care of the need of certain individuals. If you wish to face those difficult times and still bounce back, if you are looking to take that big risk without letting it affect your family, then you definitely need to check out these top 10 insurance companies in the UK we have compiled.

Top 10 Insurance Companies in UK 2021
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Top 10 Insurance Companies in UK 2021

 With the number of insurance companies now available in the UK, choosing the insurance companies to work with might be a difficult choice to make. However, You have to choose to work with the best to get the best results.

If you are looking for the perfect insurer, this top 10 list of insurance companies in the UK will enable you to choose which insurers you wish to work with:

  1. LIVERPOOL VICTORIA INSURANCE: Liverpool Victoria insurance provide services which are simply hard to resist. They cover a whole lot of car insurance and tries as much as possible that the insured faces very minimum risk. They even go as far making sure you keep your no claim discount when involved in an accident with a driver who is not insured as long as you have the details of the driver. The group also provide covers such as accidental damage cover, misfuelling cover, European cover, vandalism promise, new locks and keys and replacement of child car seats
  2. AIG LIFE INSURANCE: American international group finance and insurance company also referred to as AIG has given out one 99% payout, and has 74% maximum age of coverage. AIG insurance company provides protection services for both individuals and businesses.
  3. ZURICH INSURANCE group: Zurich insurance group is one of the leading insurance companies in the world. They have branches in various parts of the world and has given out 97% payout and covers maximally for 83years. Zurich insurance group is a global insurance group. They aim to provide general insurance and life insurance scheme at affordable rates.
  4. AVIVA INSURANCE Company: A British multinational insurance with its headquarters in London. AVIVA is one of the few insurance companies that provide customers with general, life and health insurance schemes. The Aviva Insurance has given out 96% payout and gives a maximum of 49 years for cover. The main objective of this insurance company is to give long-term savings plan to its customers, provide fund management services and general insurance.
  5. ALLIANZ INSURANCE:  Allianz insurance company provides a wide range of services, but basically provides unique services to meet the commercial needs of their customers. They make use of insurance brokers who handle the needs of their customers. They also provide car insurance services for its customers.
  6. QBE INSURANCE: This is one of the leading insurance providers in AUSTRALIA; QBE insurance provides personal services to its customers and provides insurance coverage on the property.
  7. ASPEN: Aspen insurance was formerly known as the Wellington reinsurance limited. It provides general insurance underwriting services for its business clients globally and provides property and casualty reinsurance services.
  8. DIRECT LINE GROUP: Is an insurance company in the UK that specializes in selling insurance and other financial services to customers over the phone or through the internet. The company owns a great number of insurance brands in the UK including direct line, Churchill, privilege and green flag.
  9. CHUBB INSURANCE: It is one of the largest global insurance companies in Australia. Chubb insurance provides travel insurance coverage, casualty insurance coverage as well as health insurance coverage. They insure coverage over inconveniences such as trip cancellation, baggage delay, personal accident protection, and medical expenses cover overseas, flight delay coverage and other services.
  10. BRITISH GAS INSURANCE: British GAS insurance provides home insurance services, British gas provides covers such as drains cover, plumbing cover, electricity cover, appliance cover, it ensures smooth running of appliances, pipes, electricity that are in the homes of their customers.

We hope this list will provide the necessary guideline you will need in choosing the right insurance company that matches the services you need.

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