Top 10 Longest Range Electric Cars

Longest Range Electric Cars – The Lucid Air EV is one of the most promising rivals to the Tesla Model S. It started handing over keys to customers in 2021 when it presented a handful of owners with the first Air Dream Edition sedans. It’s the first Vehicle from Lucid Group Inc. Lucid is only building 520 of them, and they sell for $169,000 each.

The Lucid Group Inc. is an American electric vehicle Manufacturer headquartered in Newark, California, United States.

Why is Lucid Currently building only 520 Electric vehicles?

The number of Dream Edition cars, Pay tribute to the Vehicle’s 520-mile range, as estimated by the US Environmental Protection Agency. Now, this delivery has begun, the Lucid Air is officially the longest-range electric car on the road, beating out Tesla’s best tech by over 100 miles.

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The range is one of the top concerns for potential electric-car owners; Tesla has been leading in this front since its inception. Before Lucid came along, Tesla’s four models ranked as the top four Long Range Electric cars in the United States include;

  1. Tesla Model S Long Range – 405 miles.
  2. Tesla Model X Long Range – 360 miles.
  3. Tesla Model 3 Long Range – 353 miles.
  4. Tesla Model Y Long Range – 326 miles.

The $95,000 Model S can travel up to 405 miles on a full battery charge. The Fact that Lucid EV was able to beat the rest of the industry by so much and go on to sell these vehicles to customers marks a huge step in the worldwide transition toward more sustainable cars.

The Lucid Motors Inc. Company CEO, Peter Rawlinson, told Insider recently that it achieved such good results in the Electric Vehicle Industry, not because of its battery pack but rather thanks to efficiency optimizations throughout the Vehicle.

The Lucid Air Dream Edition costs tens of thousands more than any tesla electric car vehicle, but Lucid aims to start shipping less expensive models starting in 2022.

Longest Range Electric Car

Top 10 Longest Range Electric Cars

  1. Lucid Air Dream Edition – 520 miles: Lucid Air Dream Edition comes in two limited production models: Performance and Range. Dream Edition P is optimized for speed and acceleration, while Dream Edition R maximizes range. Both models have dual motors powering all four wheels and a top speed of 168 mph. They also feature exclusive exterior and interior trim and every available upgrade.
  2. Tesla Model S Long Range – 405 miles: Tesla’s flagship Model S has been the EV to beat for years. The sleek sedan leads the industry in range, and its most souped-up variant – the Model Plaid – launched last month as the quickest production car in existence.
  3. Tesla Model X Long Range – 360 miles: The $95,000 Model X crossover is Tesla’s second-oldest model behind the Model S. The burly family SUV not only has one of the most impressive ranges in the industry, but it also claims to hit 60 mph in 3.8 seconds.
  4. Tesla Model 3 Long Range – 353 miles: The Long Range Tesla Model 3 delivers more than 350 miles range for $50,000. The base model, by comparison, offers 263 miles of range for $10,000 less.
  5. Tesla Model Y Long Range – 326 miles: The Model Y ranks at the bottom of Tesla’s lineup in terms of range, but it still beats out every other EV on the market. The Long Range model will run you $53,990. As with other Tesla, a pricier high-performance model is available with less range.
  6. Ford Mustang Mach-E – 305 miles: The Mustang Mach-E came on the scene in late 2020 as ford’s first EV. Its California Route 1 trim has the most range, while the base Select model delivers 230 miles. Other ranges are available depending on whether customers choose a larger battery or all-wheel drive.
  7. Volkswagen ID.4 Pro – 260 miles: Volkswagen is trying hard to catch up, but Tesla is the dominant force in EVs. And although its rebrand to “Volkswagen” turned out to be a badly timed April fool’s Day joke, the company is making strides toward that goal. The ID.4, Its first US-market EV, launched in early 2020 for $40,000.
  8. Chevrolet Bolt EV – 259 miles: Chevy gave the Bolt EV a radical redesign for the 2022 model year, Keeping the hatchback’s egg shape but bestowing it with sharper looks all around. The new model has an identical range to its predecessor but a reduced starting price of $31,995. That makes it one of the cheapest EVs you can buy.
  9. Hyundai Kona Electric – 258 miles: The 2021 Kona Electric retails for $37,390 and puts out 201 horsepower. It’s built on the same platform as the Kia Niro. An ultimate trim is available for around $46,000.
  1. Chevrolet Bolt EUV – 247 miles: The Chevrolet motors Inc. Launched a compact crossover version of the Bolt EV – the Bolt EUV, standing for “Electric Utility Vehicle.” The $33,995 is a bit bigger and rises a bit taller than its cousin, giving it a slightly shorter range.

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