Facebook Real Estate Leads – Facebook ads are quite important tools for promoting your real estate business online and reaching your target audience quite easily.

Choosing the right ad objectives makes a whole difference and determines if your ad will be successful for the kind of business you are running on Facebook.

For real estate investors, lead generation is one important ad objective that can make a huge difference in your marketing approach, with the time barrier real estate investment has, lead generation can give you the advantage you need over the competition.

Real estate leads are the most beneficial types of Facebook ads for realtors, now leads have call-to-action options that prompt users to take actions such as signing up with just a single click. These signs ups can help you find real leads in no time; you can get useful contact information of clients, get their email address, their location, and their income as well.

Facebook Real Estate Leads

How to Use Facebook for Traffic and Lead Generation

Lead generation and traffic are considered the best ad objectives options for realtors. With the timing required in real estate business, it is quite important to start getting results as soon as possible.

This is why Facebook real estate leads generation and traffic ads are considered the best choice.

  • Get followers to share your posts; you can use your followers to spread the word about your adverts to as many users on Facebook as possible. This viral sharing has a way of boosting your page and helping you reach a wider target audience. When users like, comment or share your post it becomes visible to his friends, so your advert can reach over 300 friends the user has, and the more users share or like your post, the more users it gets to.
  • Use Facebook promoted posts to reach your target audience in no time. Lots of realtors are making it big on Facebook by using Facebook promoted posts.
  • Use Facebook paid ads; they are one of the best methods for lead generation and for driving up traffic on your website and getting your target audience.
  • Get specific in your lead ad targeting, when embrace ad targeting it can be quite helpful for your ad campaign. Find people looking for a home to buy, people moving out, their location, age, income, recently moved users, their jobs, pages liked, and more. Facebook has a way of finding these users, and these users can become your target audience. And this can help market your real estate business better and generate leads faster.
  • You create a custom audience which users who have in a way or another interacted with your business. With a customized audience created, they can become your target audience for your lead generation ad.
  • You can also create look-alike audience from your custom audience; you can get your target audience from users already in your database. These users have similar demographics and behaviors as your custom audience and therefore considered to be solid leads.  
  • When a specific ad type is not producing good results, you can try out other ad types to know which is best for your type of business.

How to Create Facebook Lead Ads

To better advertise your real estate business and reach your right audience who are in search of homes and prompting them to take actions, you will surely need to know how to set up your Facebook lead ads.

Setting it up is quite easy, and we will show you how.

  • First, you need to go to the Facebook ad manager to create a new ad.
  • Under the campaign option, select Objective, then choose Lead generation.
  • Select the Facebook page you want to promote.
  • Set your target audience, using demographic, Interest, Location, and Behaviors. These can help you narrow down your ad campaign audience and help Facebook select your target audience.
  • Choose the ad format you want for your ad campaign; it is often recommended that realtors use images & videos to showcase their ads since real estate is visual, videos and images can show them in that light.
  • Select the images or videos you want to use for ads and upload them. Then write the Ad copy and CTA
  • It’s also important to create a lead form since you are using lead generation as an ad campaign. Lead forms are important for users to fill out useful info needed from them and for asking necessary questions, it also contains a privacy policy. So, when users click on the CTA (call-to-action), they are taken to a screen known as the lead form.
  • You can then select your ad budget and schedule before you launch your ad. Then you are ready to start advertising on Facebook and also getting to your target audience.

And when you finish, Click DONE and then PLACE ORDER.

Your ad will be available on various platforms or specific platforms you choose to advertise your products.

You can run ads on Instagram, Messenger, Facebook, and other audience networks. You can also decide to show ads across any device your audience might be using. Once you select automatic placements, your ads will be on different platforms.

Finally, ensure you manage and edit your ads in the ADS MANAGER; you can check if your ads are working effectively and make adjustments.

Benefits of Lead Ads for Realtors

  • Facebook lead ads are considered the best for realtors, with the demographic data provided by Facebook which can be quite in-depth to the point of identifying the first time home buyers and these can become your targeted audience.
  • Lead ads are usually very quick, with the CAT option, users can easily click links and get the useful information they need about the ad & the business.
  • The lead ads help lower the number of spam emails and provides you with real leads. Lead ads are often pre-populated with real information.
  • From clicking links, users can complete the process without leaving the platform.

Facebook real estate leads ads are quite important for realtors; it helps you reach your leads in real time and promotes your business better on Facebook. Using real estate ads can make a huge difference in the kind of results you get from a Facebook ad campaign.

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