Top Veteran Owned Businesses – There are millions of businesses owned by veterans. Most of them have turned out to be quite successful and have also had great impacts on the American economy.

With millions of veteran businesses owned by retired military officers, military men are definitely proving that their skills and trainings are not just for military purposes. Clearly, they also produce a whole lot of profits when they venture into businesses.

Some military men who have entrepreneurial dreams turn their business ideas into reality when they retire from serving the country.

There are lots of businesses owned by veterans; entrepreneurs who are retired military personnel who have decided to run successful businesses in the U.S. 

These veteran businesses owned by retired U.S military personnel have shown that they are not just good in fighting wars and protecting the state. They can also own businesses and make profits out of them.

Retirement time to these military men is not a time to sit and watch T.V or have others take care of them. For most of them, it is a time to start businesses and make them bloom. Here’s a list of the top veteran businesses owned by U.S military men.

Top Veteran Owned Businesses

Top Successful Veteran Owned Businesses

  • WALMART: This company is one of the largest companies in the world and is owned by a former Army intelligence officer, Sam Smith.  Sam Smith started the business years ago but now it has become one of the largest retail companies in the world.
  • RE/MAX: This business is owned by Dave Liniger, a retired U.S Airforce personnel, which has become one of the most successful businesses owned by veterans. Real Estate Maximums is one of the most successful real estate businesses in the U.S, which makes lots of profits for Dave liniger.
  • USAA: This is one of the top leading insurance companies owned by U.S military veterans to provide specific insurance needs for military men and their families. It is not owned by just one military man but by group of military men to help other military men protect their families and themselves against risks.
  • Battle Ground Coffee: This business is one of the top veteran businesses in the U.S owned by a military man who was once a SEAL team member and has fought many wars. Battle ground is dedicated to serving customers in the U.S and has hired up to 20 employees to give their customers the best services. This business was started up by Defranco and his wife, and has become one of the best coffee shops in the U.S owned by a veteran.
  • GRUNT STYLE/ ALPHA OUTPOST: Who knew a military men could provide one of the best services for fashion lovers, well Grunt style /Alpha outpost are both businesses owned by a retired military man. Daniel Alarik was once army drill instructor but now owns one of the most successful clothing brands. Its Alpha outpost is subscription Box Company that features items about a particular theme monthly. This business has been found to be both appealing to military men and civilians.
  • HEROES VODKA: Heard about Heroes Vodka? Well it is owned by a military veteran who once served as a presidential honor Guard and even fought wars in places like Afghanistan. Travis McVey, a U.S marine veteran is the owner of Heroes Vodka. It is now one of the top businesses owned by U.S military veterans. A portion of the sale of this product is donated to AMVETS to help save the lives of brave men and women serving the state.
  • VET TV: This is another veteran business owned by business that has become a very important part of every military veteran. This is owned by Donny O’Malley and dedicated to providing entertainment to military audience mostly. It is a NETFLIX-like entertainment medium that gives military men just the kind of fun they want on TV.
  • LIFEFLIP MEDIA: LifeFlip media paves the way for Veteran owned businesses or veteran focused companies to reach their target audience. It is owned by Eric L. Mitchell who is a Marine Corps veteran and dedicated to helping veteran companies reach their business audience.
  • LIFT FOR THE 22: This non-profit organization founded by Davis a retired Navy corpsman who understands that physical health is important. The organization is dedicated to helping military personnel in transitioning to civilian life after retirement. They also help in the reduction of veteran suicides. Lift for the 22 acquires donated gym membership from fitness facilities and distributes them to veterans close to the facilities.
  • IN THE ARENA: John Burk is the founder of this organization and he is a U.S army veteran who knows that keeping fit and eating the right nutrients is key to success and good health. His website provides videos on proper exercise and proper nutrition for individuals who cannot afford personal trainers or nutritionists. You can subscribe to watch motivational videos about having the right exercise training and good nutrition.


In summary, you see that veterans can put the skills and training they got while serving the country into business and produce quite impressive outputs and services.

The list above contains some of the top businesses owned by retired U.S military men, you should definitely try patronizing these business platforms.

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