U.S. Charges North Korean Intelligence Agents – The United States Justice Department has charged three North Korean intelligence agents for engaging in cross-border cyberattacks. This was seen in a federal indictment unsealed in federal court in Los Angeles, California.

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The accused are Jon Chang-hyok, age 31, Kim Il, age 27, and Park Jin-hyok, age 36, all 3 are members of North Korea’s military intelligence service.

According to the charge, the three hackers were responsible for a wide-ranging series of cyberattacks using Ransomware and other tools beginning in 2014 with the hack of Sony Pictures Entertainment and thefts from banks in Asia and Africa.

U.S. Charges North Korean intelligence agents
Cyber threat from North Korea. North Korean hacker at the computer, on a background of binary code, the colors of the flag of the DPRK. DDoS attack

It also alleges that the hackers extorted or stole more than $1.3bn in cash and cryptocurrency.

Acting US Attorney Tracy Wilkinson while addressing the press said; “The scope of the criminal conduct by the North Korean hackers was extensive and long-running, and the range of crimes they have committed is staggering.”

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