Unkilled – Unkilled Game

Unkilled is a first-person shooter created by one of the most creative first shooter game developers ‘Madfinger Games’. They are the developers of some of the most interesting games including;

  • Shadowgun and
  • Dead Trigger

Unkilled was released on the 3rd of September in the year 2015. This video game is based on Zombie settings has been termed to be of great interest to many game players because of its uniqueness. There are lots of first-person shooter games out there but most of them do not really come with a unique game theme. In some, you are just aware that you do have enemies to fight. These enemies may be commandants like yourself which are simply tagged as your enemies.


About Unkilled

The game is about a soldier who at one point in time survived the zombie apocalypse. You as the player have the duty to ensure that New York City is safe from zombies who desire to infiltrate it. As a combatant, you are going to be working with a unit called the ‘Wolfpack unit’. With joint effort from your team, you are able to take down your enemies (zombies). Before playing the game, a storyline is usually displayed to help you understand your mission. Although it is long but can be helpful in terms of understanding. Before you embark on any mission, you are given the opportunity to select weapons for the battle ahead of you. These weapons include;

  • Pistols
  • Rifles
  • Machine guns
  • Knives
  • Adrenaline injections
  • Missiles And a lot more.

Something very distinct about Unkilled is the way it is being played. You do not have to hold onto any button before you can open fire at your enemies. The open fire is automatic as soon as an enemy comes on the scene. This aid the player to have smooth control over their characters.

Unkilled can be played both in single player and double player modes.

Check out a brief clip from the game


This unique game was first released for IOS and Android devices. Subsequently, it was also made available to Windows Phone. You can download yours just by visiting your app stores for either of the following devices. All you need do is search, download and install. It is a very swift process if you are already used to downloading apps from your available stores.

The features of this game are outstanding. Persons who have played the game on the giving platforms so much admire the graphics display by the developers. Some even go ahead to say that it looks like that of a console game and this is the fact. If you understand the quality of console games you will so much appreciate Madfinger Games for their awesome development. Talk more of the classic weaponry and effect. They are just breathtaking and I assure you that you wouldn’t feel like getting off your seat when you are engaged in the video game. The zombie characteristics are trilling as you play. Though, the mission is brief (2-3 minutes) but are very engaging. Prepare to go through a lot of battles on the streets of New York because it’s time to play Unkilled.

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