Using Instagram for Affiliate Marketing | How to Use Instagram for Affiliate Marketing

Using Instagram for Affiliate Marketing – For some internet users, Instagram is just a platform for viewing photos and keeping up with celebrity lifestyles.

But some certain users have discovered that Instagram can be much more than that. These users are people who have realized that Instagram can be quite effective as an online marketing platform.

Instagram has over 800 million monthly active users visiting the platform; now, you can market your items on Instagram for these users to see and patronize.

Affiliate marketing has to do with marketing or advertising products for other brands or companies to generate commission from sales or from customers’ clicks of affiliate links.

As an influencer on Instagram, this is a good avenue to make money off Instagram. You stand as the brand representative advertising their products to the wide user base on Instagram.

Also, the more sales you make from your affiliate marketing, the more commission you get from such sales. This is an opportunity to use your Instagram account to start making money, and we will give you tips on how to go about marketing affiliate products on Instagram.

Using Instagram for Affiliate Marketing

Using Instagram for Affiliate Marketing

You don’t just jump into advertising a company’s product or a particular brand’s product on Instagram; there are certain things you need to pay attention to if you want to become a successful affiliate marketer on Instagram.

  • Choose a particular niche that suits your Instagram profile. If you are known as a fitness enthusiast or lover of fashion, its best you promote such Products.
  • If you want to be recognized as an affiliate marketer, you have to sign up with an affiliate marketplace. You can choose to sign up with ClickBank, Amazon associates, ShareASale, and other affiliate marketplaces you know. After this, you can start advertising such products on Instagram.
  • Make good use of affiliate links, Instagram has only one place you can add a link, and that is on your bio. Now, you can add affiliate link on your bio; you can even use Instagram stories, image descriptions, and coupons. Whatever channel you can use to convey the links to your customers for them to easily click on them and visit affiliate sites is quite important.
  • You can also make use of Instagram influencers; they are just like advertisers on Instagram who can help create awareness for affiliate products. Influencers can help you do shout outs, and these shout outs should contain important details of the product such as descriptions, name of the product, and affiliate links.
  • Make good use of hashtags; hashtags are like keywords Instagram users use in searching for topics of interest. Choose hashtags related to your tags and find out what type of hashtags customers like to use, then incorporate them into yours.
  • Furthermore, keep the level of engagement on your account quite high, interact with users, and create a good relationship with them. This way, users will be interested in your contents, and you can attract more users.
  • Keep growing your page; make sure you have as many followers as possible. More followers mean more potential customers. Also, get users to click on affiliate links and visit affiliate platforms. More clicks and purchases from customers mean more commission for you.


In summary, using Instagram for Affiliate Marketing is great; you can join various other users to do much more with your Instagram account.

Just follow the tips we’ve shown you to start making money off Instagram. Making money off Instagram affiliate marketing doesn’t happen in a day, but with time and dedication, you can become a quite successful affiliate marketer on Instagram.

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