How to View Your Facebook Profile as Public | View Facebook Page as a Visitor

Your Facebook profile says a lot about you; your personal information and photos make up your Facebook profile. And you may be curious to view your Facebook profile as the public sees it. Well, you can simply use the “View As” option to find out.

The Facebook page represents a business, public figure, or brand. And serves as a way businesses, brands, and public figures stay connected to their fans or customers.

Viewing your Facebook page as a visitor is a great way to find out how you’ve presented your business or brand to the public. So, you can get to see your Facebook page in the same way your fans or customers see it.

How to View Your Facebook Profile as Someone Else 2020 

You can view your Facebook page as someone else using the “View as” feature. However, this feature is not available on mobile devices, so you have to do this on a computer device.

To view your Facebook page as a visitor, follow these steps:

  • Go to the official Facebook page in a web browser.
  • Log into your Facebook account using your Facebook username and password.
  • Click the downward-facing arrow, which is at the top-right corner of your Facebook page.
  • Select a page from the list of pages that appear on “Your Pages” in the drop-down menu.
  • Then click the “…” icon, which is next to the “Share” button. A drop-down menu will appear.
  • Click on the “View As” option on the menu; then, you can view your page as someone else.

How to View Your Facebook Profile as Public/ as Specific Person

Your Facebook profile contains your personal information and photos. You can view your profile as a visitor to know if you’ve have put too much information out there and see your profile the way others see it.

You can View Your Facebook Profile as Public by following these steps:

  • Go to a Facebook official webpage through your browser.
  • Then log in to your Facebook account.
  • Then Click On your name to open your Facebook profile, or you can click on your profile photo to view your Facebook profile.
  • Click”…” which is near the top of the screen, just next to the “View activity log” button.
  • A brief drop-down Menu will appear; click on “View As” to view your Facebook profile as people who are not your friends see it.
  • Click “View as a Specific Person” on the black bar at the top of the page. This option enables you to view your Facebook profile as one of your friends view it.
  • Type a name in the box and Facebook will display search results for you to choose from.
  • Then you can select a name from the search results. Then your Facebook profile will appear to you as it would appear to the person you selected.


Once you log in to your Facebook account on your computer device and follow the steps above, you can get to see how others view your Facebook profile or page.

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