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Vimeo is a social platform that allows users to upload videos while providing seamless tools with which they can share these videos. With the Vimeo app, you can also discover other videos on the internet. The Vimeo video app is fun to use and very entertaining although it’s advisable for parents to censor it for their kids due to obvious reasons.

The Vimeo video app was created in 2004 by 2 filmmakers. Their aim was to create a medium with which they can easily share their creativity and inspirations from their personal lives. However, nowadays, the Vimeo platform can be seen as a community of like-minds with same interest and passion. The Vimeo video app is a great app for those who are passionate about creativity and uniqueness.

Its name was coined from the words “video” and “me” and is also a scrabble of the word “movie” and this still aligns it to the basis of its production. Vimeo is the first video sharing site with the capacity to support high-definition (HD) videos. This option was available since October 2007 with download options.

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How Vimeo Video App Works

Before using this video sharing site, it is better to understand how it works. Basic steps to using the Vimeo video app includes uploading videos and receiving comments and likes under the uploaded content. You can also comment/like other videos uploaded by another Vimeo user. So as a brand owner, Vimeo provides you with the opportunity to reach out to a more professional audience. Also, Vimeo has a payment option for active users, this allows them access to more features that enhances their content creation options.

The payment plans from Vimeo includes the following:

  • Vimeo Basic: Is the free version of Vimeo and offers limited features with a 500MB storage space for upload. This storage is allocated to new users every week, but who needs an entire week to give out new creative ideas? However, serious content creators might find this to be a very limited space; but you can always upgrade to the other two packages and uphill your chances.
  • Vimeo Plus: this option has a $10 monthly membership subscription. It also offers a 5GB storage space per week and unlimited uploads of HD files. When you are on this plan, banner ads are also removed from your content, signaling an upgrade from the basic package.
  • Vimeo Pro: The professionals’ package Vimeo comes with a 50GB storage space. With a price option of $200 a year and has the best content creation qualities for your videos. Including statistics reports and unlimited bandwidth for usage.

Features of Vimeo

The key features of the Vimeo video app were skillfully designed for the content creation capabilities of the platform. These features are user-friendly and come in handy to give you the best experience there is on Vimeo.

  • Enhancer: this feature allows you to add music tracks from a catalog during video edits.
  • Creation Tutorial: Is a segment dedicated to “how to” tutorials.
  • Music Library: Works with the Enhancer tool as the library that holds the list of music tracks.
  • Creative Commons Videos: Uploads by other users are found here with rules on how to use them legally.
  • Tip Jar: an option that allows for cash payments from viewers as an appreciation for your work.

The Vimeo App is available for both Android and iOS devices and can easily be download from their various App stores.

To download Vimeo on your Android device click here

To download Vimeo on your iOS device click here

In conclusion, while all these features are accessible, watching videos on Vimeo also has its own feature tricks. The Vimeo video app has with time, made users and consumers stay on top of its relevance as opposed to YouTube. But unlike YouTube and other video sharing platforms, Vimeo is the place for professionals.


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