What is SearchIndexer.exe | How Can I Make Searchindexer Use Less Ram and CPU

SearchIndexer.exe – If you are wondering what searchindexer.exe is all about and why it takes a lot of your Ram, then you’ve come to the right place to learn all about it.

What is SearchIndexer.exe

What is SearchIndexer.exe?

The search indexer is simply a windows service that is used to index users’ files for windows search. It helps to index the files of the search indexer process and is not harmful to your PC. It is used in Window Explorer, Start Menu search box, libraries.

Also, it searches for contents on the contact list in the email client, and media files. Searchindexer.exe is not a virus but a safe Microsoft Windows System Process. Search indexer.exe makes it easy to find files by mapping them out on the local drive. It is an essential part of the Windows Operating System and should not be disabled or removed.

It is important to note that any malware can be named after anything, making you think searchindexer.exe poses a threat to your PC. So, you need to check where the running processes’ files are located in your disk to determine if they are viruses.

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How Do You Stop the Process? 

Searchindexer.exe fuels the file search engine built into Windows that powers everything. It handles your files’ indexing, starting from the Start Menu Search Box to Window Explorer and even libraries.

You can decide to stop the process whenever you want, but it is not advisable for you to do so. But we would show you how to go about it if you decide to disable it.

To stop this process:

  • Open up “Services” through the Control panel, or you can simply type in “services.msc” into the Search Menu Search box.
  • Once you are there, you can check the list to find Windows Search, then click on the “Stop” button.
How do I remove SearchIndexer.exe

How do I remove SearchIndexer.exe?

If you decide not to disable the service, you can simply remove SearchIndexer.exe. However, it is not recommended that you uninstall this service since it is a critical aspect of Windows.

However, to remove this service, you can type “Windows Features” into the Control panel search, and this would pull up the “Turn Window On or Off” screen.

Then you can simply Uncheck “Windows Search” And Click the “Ok” button. After going through this process, you will have to reboot your PC.

How Can I Make Searchindexer Use Less Ram And CPU

How Can I Make Searchindexer Use Less Ram And CPU

You may have noticed that SearchIndexer service takes up lots of your Ram or system resources. The best way to curb this is by cutting down on the amount of data you index. It isn’t necessary to index every single file on your drive.

You will have to open the indexing option through the Control Panel or Start Menu Search box to get this done. Now you can use the “Pause” option on the screen to pause indexing for up to 15 minutes. And you can also click the “Modify” button to trim down the list of locations to just the ones you want to be indexed. And that’s all you need to get the process done.

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