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WhatsApp Status Downloader – WhatsApp is the most popular social messaging app that has taken over Facebook and the rest. WhatsApp recently rolled out the story section called the WhatsApp status. When the status feature was first introduced in February 2017, many users wondered what it’s used for and how it can be accessed.

WhatsApp status may be a creative or meaningful image or video posted on the WhatsApp platform as a story. A WhatsApp status contains pictures and videos which last for just 24hours and disappears after 24hours.

Within this 24hours, you can quickly download the images and videos with a WhatsApp status downloader app. After downloading the status with the WhatsApp download app, you can easily access the contents from your phone’s gallery or via the app itself.

At first, WhatsApp did not offer an official way for users to save the statuses of other WhatsApp users. Some WhatsApp users take a screenshot of the contents to save to their d vices, but the question should be, how do you save WhatsApp status video?

Furthermore, if you’re searching for a way to get audio visual contents from WhatsApp statuses, think of the status saver app.

A WhatsApp status downloader app is a useful tool that allows easy downloads of images, Gifs, and videos from a WhatsApp user’s status.

WhatsApp status downloader app

WhatsApp Status Downloader App

There are lots of WhatsApp status downloader apps that helps in easy downloading of WhatsApp status contents. Here are WhatsApp status downloader apps for Android devices;

  • Status Downloader for WhatsApp: an Android app developed by Shree Ganesha labs, which helps you save a photo, video, gifs, and text, which are used as statuses on WhatsApp.
  • Status saver: the best status downloader app that has a simple user interface. It has an innovative option that works seamlessly by allowing you to tap, view, and save all your favorite statuses.
  • Video download for WhatsApp: the app is designed by MR LLC, with over a million users. The platform is great for downloading and reposting WhatsApp statuses of other WhatsApp users.

Save WhatsApp Status

Basically, there are two major ways to save a status, but we will take a look at saving status using a dedicated WhatsApp status downloader apps.

First, you need to download the WhatsApp status saver app from your Android playstore or iOS app store. Click on the install button and wait for the app to install completely to your device. Then follow the steps below to save statuses;

  • Open your WhatsApp
  • View the different WhatsApp status.
  • Know the status you want to download.
  • Open the status downloader app.
  • Search for the status you want to download.
  • Select the images and videos.
  • Click the save icon.

The images and videos will be saved and downloaded to your phone’s internal storage.

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