How to Use WhatsApp web chat on your Computer

WhatsApp is one of the most popular social media platform used by millions of people all over the world to interact with friends and family and communicate with new people. The platform has awesome features and keeps adding more to keep users interested in the platform and to also attract new users.

Whatsapp allows users send voice notes, send media files to contacts, update status, post videos of yourself, interact in group chats, control your app settings yourself and more.

Almost everyone is on WhatsApp, well, why not? It has almost replaced the old method of sending messages with instant messages and replies; you can now connect with people easily on your internet connected device at a lesser cost and at a more interactive level. And now with WhatsApp Web Chat, you get even more.

WhatsApp app is quite popular as well, it is available on phones of different models and computer but not everyone has the opportunity to have this app installed on their devices.

Well, the whastapp web is available for such individuals to visit and still enjoy communicating with their friends and acquaintances. The whtasapp website is one of the most visited website all over the world and you can get to it through your web browser.

The whatsapp web was initially made available for only android users, blackberry users and desktop user but now iOS users can also enjoy their whatsapp through their browsers. So if you don’t have the app installed on your phone, you can still enjoy this awesome platform by just visiting its website.

How to Use WhatsApp web chat on your Computer

How to Use WhatsApp web chat on your Computer

A lot of users have always wanted to use their computers to interact with friends on this platform but have been unable to do so for long, but whatsapp has now made it possible for users to interact with friends through the WhatsApp web chat on full-sized computer screens.

So if you are tired of using whatsapp on your phone or you just wish to access it on your computer for reasons known to you, you can do so now and still enjoy that awesome experience you enjoy on your whatsapp app on your phone. You have to go through a process of pairing your phone with your computer to enable you access your WhatsApp on your computer.

The only problem with this method is that you can’t access your whatsapp without you phone, so if your phone’s battery is dead or your phone has poor network connection, you might not be able to access your WhatsApp account via the WhatsApp web chat. To access the WhatsApp web chat on your computer, just do the following:

  • Visit WhatsApp official website using Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Edge
  • You have to scan the QR code on the web with your phone’s WhatApp app.
  • Then, you will be shown instructions just below the code on the web showing you how to find the QR code reader option on your phone. 
  • For, you just have to visit your WhatsApp app settings on your phone and tap WhatsApp web, then point your phone to the computer to enable it to read the code on your computer.
  • If you are using Android, go to menu, then click on WhatsApp web then you can now scan the code. You might be unable to scan this code if your phone’s camera is blurry or broken.
  • Once you are able to scan the QR code with your phone, you can now access your whatsapp account on your computer.


It is quite similar to the whatsapp app on your phone but its operations may differ a bit. However, you get to enjoy the awesome experience of being on the platform; interact with friends and family, use emojis, send media files, view contact list, send voice notes and enjoy WhatsApp all you enjoy on your whatsapp app. You can now access the app on the two devices simultaneously.

You have to be mindful of the computers you use to access your WhatsApp web chat account because once the code is scanned with your phone, the computer gets immediate access to your WhatsApp account.

So if the computer does not belong to you, you have to make sure you log out properly to avoid giving access to your account to a stranger or someone who is not you. If you wish to log out whatsapp from your desktop after use, you can do so by:

  • Going to your whatsapp settings or menu on your phone
  • Then click on WHATSAPP WEB
  • Then finally tap LOGOUT FROM ALL COMPUTERS
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