Where can I Sell iTunes Gift Card in Nigeria | How can I sell my iTunes Card in Nigeria

Where to Sell iTunes Gift Card in Nigeria – You can find buyers for the iTunes Gift card almost anywhere, on the street, on social media, or any other platform.

However, the problem is not finding just any buyer but finding a genuine buyer. Sellers need a transparent platform where they can sell iTunes and have the guaranty of getting their money. Finding genuine platforms for iTunes gift card sale is important to avoid falling into the wrong hands.

We have compiled a list of Gift card selling platforms in Nigeria with the best rates, great customer care, and transparency. So, if you are looking for platforms where you can sell the iTunes Gift card in Nigeria, then you can check out the following platforms.

Where to Sell iTunes Gift Card in Nigeria

Where to sell iTunes Gift Card in Nigeria

  • Cardtonic: This is one of the most reliable platforms where you sell can Gift card. It is a registered business (with a physical office in Abuja) that focuses on purchasing gift cards and bitcoin at the best rates. Their payment is quick, and within 3-5 minutes, you get your money. You can simply visit their website to find out more about the platform and its rates.
  • Cardnosh: This is another amazing Gift card trading platform in Nigeria notable for its great customer service and quick response. They are reliable, and you can visit the website to get more info about them.
  • Pamcoins: Pamcoins is one of the top gift card trading platforms in Nigeria and has been in the business since 2017. This platform is known for the amazing services it delivers to its customers and also known for making customer’s interest a priority. You can also use their escrow to perform transactions if you want.

Frequently Asked Questions about Selling Gift Card Online

You may be curious about knowing answers to certain questions, just like every other seller. Well, we are here to answer those questions for you.

  • How Much Is iTunes Gift Card On These Platforms

The payment you get for iTunes sale may vary depending on the platform and other factors. You are not likely to get 100% value of your gift card, but you can sell gift cards at a considerable rate. You may get 20,000 to 30,000 naira for 100 iTunes Gift cards. However, rates vary from time to time.

  • What other Cards Can You Sell On These Platforms

iTunes Gift cards are not the only type of gift cards that can be sold on these platforms. You can sell almost any kind of gift cards on these platforms. Gift cards from Steam, Walmart, Apple store, eBay, Google play, Sephora, Best Buy, Nordstrom, Nike, and others can also be sold on these platforms.


These platforms are notable for their great customer service, best rates, and reliability. Finding a platform to sell your iTunes Gift card is one thing, but finding a genuine platform is the real deal.

So, you can sell your gift cards on the platforms we have mentioned with the guaranty that you would get your payment immediately.

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