Wonder Woman Movie Review

Wonder Woman is undoubtedly one of the biggest superhero films of 2017 but does it have the OMG factor? Not exactly. Before we go there, we can all agree on one thing. The movie did serious numbers and raked in about 6 times the budget. The movie budget stood at exactly $149.1 Million and made a profit of over $821 Million which means it was a definite success in the box office. That’s definitely a plus for DC especially as they battle with Marvel but now let’s talk about the movie.

Wonder Woman Casts

The movie starred Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, Robin Wright as Antiope, Chris Pine as Steve with Andrew Thewlis and Alfred Molina playing Ares. The curtain is opened with the scene of the grown Wonder Woman telling her story. Taking us down memory lane through her childhood and how her war with Ares began. The film shows Wonder Woman as the princess of her Amazon kingdom eager to learn how to fight with the sword and defend herself as she watches her aunt train the young women in combat. Her aunt, Auntiope played by Robin Wright who also felt the need for her to learn began to train her secretly but her mother Hippolyta (played by Connie Nielsen) is not having any of it.

After being convinced by her sister, Hippolyta agrees for Diana aka Wonder Woman to be trained. Her skills soon become more advanced than others and she discovers her superpowers before she is gifted metal handbands which repel objects aimed at her. She also possesses a lasso of truth which forces anyone to speak the truth whenever they’re whipped with it. Badass right?

Wonder Woman Movie

The Movie Plot

One day, an American pilot named Steve (played by Chris Pine) suddenly ends up in Paradise Island, the Amazon planet with an envoy of German soldiers following him closely behind and shooting arrows as a result of the handbook belonging to Dr. Poison which he stole. The Amazons begin a war which costs Antiope her life. After interrogation, Steve warns them of the impending world war that will destroy millions of lives and requests Diana’s help. She personally accesses him and interrogates him, she chooses to go with him and defeat Ares the god of war responsible for turning human against themselves through war.

After following him to London, she meets his colleagues and friends while trying out new things in the human world like ice cream and a long belted dress (as her Amazon dressing makes her look almost naked). She sees that human beings deserve a chance at life and deserve to be saved. Eventually, she undergoes a human adventure with Steve’s fighting friends. She confronts Ares in war and defeats him but Steve loses his life.

Wonder Woman Movie Review

Honestly, the star of this film is Gal Gadot. She is hot, sexy in a very bold and confident way. She symbolizes the power of the woman with a sort of feminism touch to it. Definitely the frontrunner and the flag bearer of the film using her entity and character to sell the film to every superhero lover and making the trailer entice everyone to watch the movie. Being a fantastic actress, she executes her role with reasonable excellence and gets the job done.

The movie, however, had too many climaxes. It had too many things to look forward to. Like will Diana marry Steve? Will Diana aka Wonder Woman defeat Ares? What becomes of her after? So many things to be quite focused on. What will the war be like?  Would the effects blow our minds? Well, they were of fantastic quality but quite cliché and predictable.

However, this wasn’t the fault of the director Patty Jenkins. The basis of every movie is to appeal to the box office and generate money. The story was also a bit predictable in the sense that Wonder Woman would obviously get involved in saving the world just like every other superhero movie. However, this is the silver lining. Wonder Woman proved that quality blockbuster films can be created once all the ingredients are in line and hard work is put into it. Wonder Woman is not exactly the best it can be but it is definitely very close.

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