World of Warplanes on Facebook Game | World of Warplanes Review

World of Warplanes – The Facebook app center keeps getting better and better with awesome features being added to it from time to time, making it quite hard for users to leave the platform.

There’s hardly anything you look out for that you can’t find on Facebook, the games aspect of it got game lovers spending more of their time on the platform.

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So, Facebook is not just a place you come to chat and scroll through news feeds; When you get tired of scrolling through the news feed, you can just visit the app center and play awesome games right on the platform.

world of warplanes

There are varieties of games to play, almost all the awesome games you can get on Appstore or Google playstore are right on Facebook, and you can connect with your friends to play with you.

All you have to do is visit the app center and choose the game you wish to play, but you have to bear in mind that you need WIFI connection or strong data connection to enjoy smooth running of the game. You can play candy crush, a sea of thieves, angry birds, words with friends and lots more of the games you love right on Facebook.

Game developers keeping adding games on Facebook too, it’s almost like a challenge to know who develops better games that gamers will enjoy more. So you can go to Facebook to check out old games and new ones that have been developed, and they are all awesome.

World of Warplanes on Facebook Game

World of warplanes on Facebook is amongst the varieties of games on Facebook, and it’s quite hard to stop playing this game once you start enjoying the game.  World of Warplanes is a flight combat MMO action game set in the Golden Age of military aviation.

Players are always in an endless tussle of who would gain dominance on air, and if you love being a pilot, you can become one virtually right on this game. There’s always this eagerness to survive each level and move to the next level.

World of warplanes is definitely a game you play with friends, trying to man your planes and defend it against enemy sectors. Or you can also decide to play in teams, trying so hard to find who will eventually win in this game of piloting warplanes to survive in battles.

World of Warplanes features locations within the golden era of aviation, and the teams have to try their best to knock out enemy planes to keep scoring points and surviving throughout the game.

 This game basically has to do with teamwork, so you have to work together with your friends to score points and defeat your enemies. It displays the World War 2 battle with planes and recreates it in the form of games for users to enjoy.  

It is so fascinating to be in the 1930s Korean War, and become part of the brave pilots that defeats enemy planes and gain victory in the battle of airplanes. You are given various tools, a wide range of skills and perks that give you advantages to survive in this game and have complete control over your progress in the game.

There are groups and fan pages for this game on Facebook, you can just search for it on your Facebook search bar, the play button is available on the page, and you can just click on it to play the game.

You can find people who love playing the game on these pages, invite them to play with you and also learn the tricks of the game from more experienced gamers.

How to Play World of Warplanes on Facebook Game

This game is right on your Facebook app, and you can play the game by:

  • Log into your Facebook app
  • Go to your settings through your Facebook menu
  • And tap on GAMING, this will take you to APP CENTER, with varieties of games
  • Search for WORLD OF WARPLANES and Click the PLAY button to start playing the game.
  • Select the ADD button next to the game to add it to your instant games, which you can play whenever you want.

Remember it is much more fun to play with friends, so you can invite your friends to play the game with you in teams to find out who is better at the game.

With this awesome game on Facebook, you will definitely find it hard to leave the platform; it’s series of fun as you try to gain air dominance and enjoy the world war 2 game of warplanes right on Facebook.