How to Write the Perfect Facebook Bio | Bio for Facebook Profile

When new friends connect with you online the first thing they check is your profile and your Facebook bio is that part of your profile that tells them little about you.

Facebook profile was added to Facebook so that your friends can get to learn more about you. So, it is one important aspect that introduces you so your friends get to know you a bit.

Facebook Bio

What Bio Means in a Facebook Profile?

The Facebook bio contains 101 characters that you can use to your advantage to give friends and followers insights about you. The Facebook bio also is known as the “about section” can be used to drive up engagement on your Fb business page, if you have written something engaging.

People can start up conversations based on what they have seen on your bio and the chat continues to flow till a great relationship sparks up from there.

If you own a business on Facebook you can use Fb bio to your business’s advantage. The bio is the best way to introduce your brand, project its goal and intrigue your customers to desire to know more about your business.

Writing your bio in a very attractive way can give your business an edge. Facebook bio can be an important tool for marketing, just the right words can attract a great number of users (who are potential customers)

Whether you’re using Facebook bio for your personal page or business page it is important you keep it succinct and catchy. This way you keep your page interesting and attractive, you can add a quote or something that will spark other’s interest in your page.

The purpose of Fb bio is to tell other users something about you, to let them know a little bit about your personality and more. If you are looking to attract employers to your Facebook page, you have to create something that shows that they can work with you.

Furthermore, you have to use your Fb profile bio succinctly to catch the interests of employers, so you know what to add- your potentials, past experiences, and anything to attract employers.

Just add something to help people get to know you deeper even without chatting with you.

How to Add Facebook Bio

The Facebook bio is part of your profile, it is the option that allows you tell friends or followers something about yourself, and you can make it catchy & attractive to people. If you wish to add Facebook bio just follow these steps:

  • Tap the menu icon (the three horizontal lines) at the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Then Tap your Name at the top of the screen to go to your profile
  • Under your profile picture and name, click EDIT PROFILE
  • Click ADD BIO option under your profile picture and name
  • Then you can type a short description of yourself, you have 101 characters to do so.
  • After adding your bio, click SAVE and it will be added on your Facebook profile.


First impression matters, you can take advantage of Facebook bio to give the best insight of yourself at first glance.

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