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Xender App is a file transfer app for mobile devices (Android and iPhones including Tablets). In the early days of Android and iPhones, it wasn’t so easy to transfer files. Bluetooth was the reigning option for the transfer of media for devices the only problem is, Bluetooth lags behind in different aspects as sending and receiving files usually takes quite a while.

However, it was quite frustrating trying to send and receive files because it take time for transfer to complete. As a result of that, developers began to find a remedy to this issue, which was how Xender was developed.  Xender caught the attention of many tech lovers because it fixed the problems that Bluetooth transfers had.

How to Transfer Files with Xender

First of all, go to the Google Playstore or IOS store to download the Xender app and launch it on your device. When you launch the app, search for the rectangle shaped red box and click the icon you see in the marked area. You’ll find two options labelled send and receive so click on whichever one depending on if you will like to send files or receive files.

Xender App

Choose send and a hotspot will be created through which the device will be linked to your own device. On the other device, open the Xender (the other device must have Xender also) and select receive. You will be prompted to switch on your location. When you switch on the GPS, the list of available devices within the area will reflect. Then, you’ll choose the available advice which is the hotspot of the phone sending a file. Immediately, both devices are linked, transfer can begin.

You click on the file directory that you wish to send file from whether it’s images from the Gallery Directory, apps,videos or music from their respective directories.

To link your mobile device to your laptop or personal computer, click the rectangle-shaped red box and click on the red area. You choose between WiFi settings or Create Hotspot. If your mobile and your personal computer are linked by the same network, choose WiFi settings.

If your mobile and your PC are not linked to the same network, choose create hotspot and link the WiFi of your PC to your own hotspot which is most likely labelled Xender_AP. Open your Google Chrome or your Mozilla Firefox and type in the website link . When this is completed, select the Accept option.

What does the Xender App Offer?

  • You can transfer any form of media whether picture, audio or video and you can even transfer apps.
  • Sharing files on Xender is pretty fast.
  • Allows group sharing of any kind of file
  • Available on Android, IOS and Windows

Xender app is one well-crafted app that has won the heart of tech fans. Its features are amazing especially the reasonable speed even with larger files which saves a lot of stress and time. It doesn’t need any physical connection, easily accessible and fulfills all your sharing needs.

In conclusion, Xender comes in handy especially when you are looking for an app to make the sharing of files easier. Regardless of file size and type, Xender gets the job done. It requires no cables, no internet, and no data usage and is totally free of charge. So finally, if you’ve been looking for an app that would help you quickly transfer files on your mobile device, Xender is what you need! Xender app is definitely a must have.

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