24PetWatch Insurance Review – 24PetWatch Insurance services is one of the leading pet insurance companies for pet owners in America and Canada. They provide unique pet protection to pet owners against the unexpected.

It does not only provide pet insurance services but also provides lost pet recovery database management and services for owners who have lost their pets.

It is quite a popular pet insurance company patronized by millions of pet owners in America and Canada. So if you are a pet owner in these areas, then you definitely need to check out 24petwatch protection services.

24PetWatch Insurance Review

24PetWatch Insurance Services and Review

24petwatch protection services is right there for pet lovers who wish to protect their pets against risks and the unexpected. With 24petwatch protection you have less time worrying about your pet and more time enjoying its company.

Bearing the cost of protecting your pet all alone shouldn’t be a problem when you enroll for 24petwatch protection services;

  • 24petwatch is quite popular for its microchip for tracking your pets when you can’t find them. You can easily find them when they are lost with this microchip tracking device.
  • 24petwatch has different pet insurance plans and owners can choose which they want to protect their pets against illnesses and accidents as well
  • Its pet insurance plans include Extra plan, Classic plan, Super plan and Champion plans; they have different cost prices and unique services for pet owners, you just have to choose which you want based on your pet insurance need and financial status.
  • You can enroll your cat for 24pet insurance services when it is up to 8 weeks-12 years
  • The age enrollment for pet insurance services for your dog is 8 weeks -10 years
  • You also get to enjoy time to time veterinary services for your pets with 24petwatch covering its percentage of the cost.
  • 24petwatch provides owners with pet recovery tips; it also provides opportunity for pet owners to report lost pets and helps them in finding it.
  • Its 24medalert helps provide medical care to your lost pet with a critical medical condition when it is found using microchips. You can fill out a 24petmedalert form and be quite sure that your pet will be treated by one of the veterinary care personnel.
  • 24petwatch provides a wellness coverage for pet owners; its routine wellness enables pet owners do wellness exam and treatments for their pets.
  • Advanced wellness offers more comprehensive wellness services to pets which include dental and flea medication.
  • 24petwatch website is user-friendly and performs a wide range of services, you can login to check your claims status, you can also check out its pet insurance services right there, check out its pet protection service, login to microchip portal to track your dog and more.

24PetWatch Insurance Login

As a customer, you can decide to check out your claims status or submit your claims online; you can simply do so by following these steps:

  • Visit the official website of 24petwatch
  • Then click on the insurance claims portal on the page
  • You will be redirected to a login page
  • On the login page, enter your email address and password
  • Then click SIGN IN, you can also decide to login with your Facebook account or Google account.

If you wish to access the microchip portal to access its microchip services and get to know more, to login follow these steps:

  • Click on microchip portal service on the website
  • You will be redirected to a microchip portal login page
  • Enter your User ID and password, then click LOGIN
  • If you have not registered you can click NOT A MEMBER? REGISTER HERE link and fill out the registration form to enjoy microchip pet recovery services.

How to Contact 24PetWatch Insurance

If you have any enquiries concerning your pet insurance services or pet protection services, about your login details and more you can call at 1-866-597-2424

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