How to Check Computer Specs – My Computer Details

Quick question: How fast is your PC’s processor? What graphics card do you have on your PC? At least 4 out of every 10 computer users cannot answer this questions off the top of their head. It makes sense though, you don’t really need to burden yourself with such but the real question is; do … Read more


Transformers 5 wasn’t exactly a failure but it is nothing to write home about honestly. The last movie of the transformer series crossed the billion mark and it was nice to actually see a movie that wasn’t released by Universal or Walt Disney cross the billion mark with China heavily aiding this success but China … Read more

Avengers Infinity War Review – The Superheros Team Up

DC and Marvel have basically always been rivals because of their superhero interests in movies. DC released Justice League this year and the results were honestly not very impressive. However, The Avengers Infinity War that comes out this year seems to have dotted all their I’s and crossed their T’s by correcting the errors that … Read more