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2017 might have come and gone, but the best movies of 2017 will always live forever. The movie year of 2017 boasted a huge amount of blockbusters in amazing genres like horror, comedy. Thrillers, documentaries, movies about space, movies about an impending apocalypse.

The year 2017 will also stand out as one of the movie years that produced a huge number of really good films. A feat some would say hadn’t been accomplished since the year 2013. Because it is one thing for filmmakers to release a slew of movies.

But totally another thing for those movies to be consistently good. The movies released in 2017 were consistently good, they had beautiful messages. They had profound messages, they were thrilling, they were funny and they made you scared. And most important of all they were watchable.

Best Movies of 2017

Best Movies of 2017

This list is by no means an exhaustive one and of course, there would be lots of movies you feel should make the list which hasn’t. I can only hope to show you the wide and amazing films that made 2017 magical to us at

  • Get Out: The hype with this one was real, but the hype around this was worth it. It is rare to get a perfect comedy, perfect horror or social commentary movie that doesn’t drive one to cigarettes. But Jordan Peele’s effort combined all three and combined them spectacularly. It is our number 1 on the best movies of 2017.
  • LadyBird: A coming of age story, the amazing Saoirse Ronan plays a young Catholic school girl in the year 2002. Filled with youthful yearning, hilarious dialogue. It was “the” coming of age movie of 2017.
  • Dunkirk: A movie about the world war two evacuation of beaches in Dunkirk France. This movie set in 1941 was short enough to not bore an audience and long enough to show every interesting, exquisite detail. A movie of cinematic brilliance, it shows us the chaos, the fear, the drama involved when you throw a bunch of infantrymen, commander, fighter pilots, and civilians together.
  • Blade Runner 2049: A long-awaited sequel to Ridley Scotts 1982 movie Blade runner. 2049 features a young blade runner who discovers a huge secret leading him to track a blade runner who’s been missing for thirty years. With spectacular performances from Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling, this movie was a huge cinematic experience.
  • Call Me By Your Name: When a young 17-year-old falls in love with his father’s 23-year-old research assistant, we the audience prepare our hearts for a rough and emotional journey. Bonding over a discovery in their sexuality shared heritage and an interest in Italy. The movie talks about love in a sensual and arresting manner. It was interesting enough to make our list of best movies of 2017
  • War for the planet of apes: Caesar and his band of apes’ band against a colonel and his army determined to wipe them out. A movie that climaxes with an epic battle between two foes, it tells a tale of how far one can go for community. And how hard others try to destroy things.
  • John Wick 2: Upon a return to the underworld to repay a debt, John wick who never forgives, discovers a bounty has been placed on his head. This movie had the right blend of action and thrills to glue any watcher to the screen.
  • Wonder Woman: A delicious superhero flick. Gal Gadot plays a wonderful and brilliant Diana. An Amazonian princess who leaves her home to find her strength. It tells a wonderful tale of finding oneself and becoming. Of course with some delicious action scenes
  • It: A horror movie set in the quiet town of Denny, a group of kids stumble upon an unspeakable evil, Pennywise the clown. And are determined to stamp it out of their town, before it destroys them all. A scary masterpiece, a 2017 adaptation of the Stephen king’s novel can only best be described as scary good.

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