Facebook Gameroom Settings

Checking out the settings of our apps from time to time give you some amount of control over the use of our apps. The Facebook Gameroom settings give you the necessary guideline in exploring the app.

Apps have setting we might have little or no knowledge about. Nevertheless, sometimes we do need to check it out to see what it can do.

The Gameroom is a PC application for windows which is hosted by Facebook and offers wonderful game experiences.

This app supports various game formats and has currently up to 1000 games you can play. Gameroom app gives users the opportunity to play web, ported mobile and native Gameroom games. You enjoy this on your PC without the distractions of a news feed.

How to Download Facebook Gameroom Settings

  • Downloading the Facebook Gameroom settings is easy and safe to download
  • You can download this app by visiting the webpage and click INSTALL NOW
  • You are to follow the instructions and install Gameroom

If the Gameroom app does not install, you might be required to install the Microsoft .NET framework 4 first. The Gameroom app works on pc windows, from windows 7 and above.

You can play a game by making sure you have the latest version of the app. You also need to make sure your data is switched on at the time you are playing the game.

How to Download Games on this App

You can download games by using the search bar to find games and download them. The games downloaded are contained in the DOWNLOADED GAMES list.

The games in your DOWNLOADED GAMES list are automatically updated as new versions come out. However, you can always decide to remove any game from your DOWNLOADED GAMES list. You do this by, clicking the X next to the game.

How to Find Games

You can find any game of your choice by simply looking it up by name in the search bar. If you run into any confusion, you can explore the different gaming categories to help you choose the game you might like.

What Happens When Game Download Does not Complete?

If the game download does not complete downloading all you have to do is to go back to the Gameroom home and try resuming the game download. If this does not work, go to the DOWNLOADED GAMES list and click the X bar next to the bar to delete the game and restart the download.

What Happens When the Games Don’t Load

If the game doesn’t load, go to the DOWNLOADED GAME list and click the X next to the specific game to remove the game or stop the current download of the game.

Before you start downloading the game again by searching it all over again. Or you can also try to close the Gameroom app by right-clicking on Gameroom ion the Gameroom taskbar at the bottom of the app and reopen Gameroom.

How to Remove Games from the App

You can remove any specific game you want from your app by simply going to the DOWNLOADED GAMES list on the left menu in your Gameroom app and clicking the X right next to the game you wish to delete. This will automatically remove the game from your DOWNLOADED GAMES list.

How to Uninstall Facebook Gameroom App

You can uninstall this app from your pc through the PROGRAMS AND FEATURES on windows. A feedback form will launch in the browser after the uninstallation.