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Facebook Support is the means by which Facebook helps their customers with issues arising as they make use of the service every day. Some individuals know it as Facebook Support while and some Facebook Customer Services or even Help Center. This is an easy way to receive answers to your Facebook-related problems. It can be done without consulting anyone but the experts who actually created it. Most people consider this to be a waste of time but I assure you it’s the best. I personally have made mistakes because of my unawareness. I have even lost a Facebook account as a result of being ignorant of this fact. Now, I don’t want you to make such mistakes so I will tell you how you can contact Facebook Customer Service directly and get your problems resolved.

About Facebook Support

I have briefed you on the use of Facebook Support but most importantly, I will like you to understand you can do a whole lot with this service. It is relevant to users and it gives you the opportunity to ask questions only the service providers can answer. Examples of these questions are;

 Facebook Support

These are just a few. Even more, questions are asked in areas of publishing. That is, questions related to the publishing of videos, contents, and photos. The beautiful thing about Facebook Support is that it’s available to you 24hours every day and as long as you are Facebook users, you have the right to access it and get a response on anything about Facebook. It is of great interest to users who are new to the social media platform because it makes Facebook your personal guide on matters arising.

How to Contact Facebook Support

Contacting Facebook Support can be done in two different ways. These are both ways I contact Facebook to rectify problems. They are reliable at any time.

The first is;

  • Facebook Help Center website

This is question and answer based. The website presents to you questions frequently asked even before you ask them. But if your question is not in any of the suggested questions presented to you, you can ask by using the function available to you on the site

The second is;

  • Facebook Customer Support number

The number is 1-866-359-6251. This number transfers you directly to an agent. For me, it is preferable because it allows me to express yourself and have a one on one conversation with the agent. The agents themselves can even enlighten you on other service provided by Facebook and teach you how to approach issues easily for the sake of time. This is even more flexible than the Help center website.

Am sure I have been able to answer your questions on Facebook Support and hope to do even more. Do not hesitate to apply this if you at any point in time you have issues with your Facebook account or Facebook usage. Please share to help your friends who might need this.



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