Do you know that your Facebook username is an essential aspect of your Facebook profile? In fact, it is the direct link to your Facebook profile and timeline. Your Facebook username is your own mode of identification on Facebook apart from your profile picture and Facebook name. One of the criteria in signing up for this platform is picking a username for easy identification on Facebook.

Facebook username is a customized web address that makes it possible for friends and family to locate you on Facebook. You might know that it is essential to have a username but may be a bit confused on how to go about creating it or even changing it for some reasons. We will help in clarifying your confusion by providing steps for you to create and change your username.

How to Create Facebook Username

Your Facebook username is a direct link to your profile or timeline; it enables your friends and family to locate you on the platform. You can create your username by following the process below:

  • Log in your Facebook page
  • Click on the CREATE PAGE @USERNAME on the left side of your page
  • Enter a username
  • If the username is available for use click on “CREATE USERNAME.”

Now, there you have it! Your own username for easy accessing of your profile by friends on the platform.

Facebook Username

Facebook Username Change

Users may also decide to change their usernames due to some compromises on their accounts or for reasons best known to them. There are rules you need to bear in mind while opting for a change in Facebook username. The Facebook username change rules came into place because of fake names, spams and stylish fonts used in creating Facebook usernames.

Now you have to wait for a period of 60 days before your username change reflects on your profile. You can only choose names recognized by Facebook, no use of stylish fonts or they will lock your account temporarily. You are allowed to select names from the ones listed before. While choosing your new username, it is advised to choose names you can easily remember. Titles of any kind are not allowed on the platform, characters from multiple languages are prohibited. Repetition of symbols, characters, use of offensive or suggestive contents are not allowed. You are not allowed to change your username more than once within the period of 60 days. Also, you might not be allowed to do so again when you have done username change many times.

How to Change Your Facebook Username

Whatever your reason may be for changing your username, the following steps below will help you achieve it.

  • You have to first log in your Facebook account
  • Select settings and privacy on your profile drop-down menu
  • Click EDIT username
  • Enter the username you wish to use and update your username; you can choose it if it is available.
  • Then click SAVE CHANGES button to conclude

Finally, you can log in your account using your new username and password to confirm that it has worked