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Amazon Lightning Deals – Amazon is an awesome shopping platform with amazing features that makes its customer’s shopping experience quite amazing.

Amazon has earned its reputation as one of the world’s largest retailers by putting its customers. However, its features and offers are geared at giving its customers a wonderful experience on the platform.

Customers are always excited to shop on this platform because of the various offers and discounts made available to them by Amazon.

Amazon Today deals showcases various discount offers and deals available for users to purchase. There are varieties of items on sale on Amazon today at discount prices; you can’t miss out on this amazing opportunity.

Whether you are a fashion lover, gadget lover, or you just love purchasing new items at discount prices, Amazon today is definitely a place to check out.

Amazon Lightning Deals

Amazon Lightning Deals

If you are an ardent lover of Amazon shopping platform, then you should definitely know about amazon lightning deals.

Amazon lightning deals are promotions offered on Amazon which discounts are available on an item for a short period. How awesome is that? This means you get a chance to purchase that item you want at a lower price at least once in a while.

These lightning deals are available on Amazon and can be found on the Deals page, one per customer.

These promotions run for a specific period; this means you have to make your order as soon as possible. The offers are available per customer until the promotion period either expires, or the deals are claimed.

You need to be alert during this period and make your order as soon as possible because other customers like you will probably be trying to take advantage of these deals too.

When other customers are already holding the deals, you will see a status bar on the JOIN WAITLIST button showing that other customers are already holding 100% of promotional offers.

  • When the deals are available, you would see an ADD TO CART option, and you need to add product from the lighting deal widget, not from the product detail page if you want to claim the lighting deal.
  • You get to also see different sizes, variations, and models of the product.
  • You also see the discount price for the product and the final amount.
  • Then, you would also see a status bar indicating the percentage of deals that have been purchased by customers or added to cart.
  • You would also see a timer showing how long you have to claim deal before the deal expires.

How to Claim Lightning Deals

No one would love to miss out on such a great opportunity to enjoy promotional offers on the Amazon platform; this is why you have to know how to claim lighting deals.

Like we said earlier, lighting deals are promotional offers on a particular item for a specific period.

Now, how do you claim such promotional offers, let’s walk you through the process:

  • You need to select TODAY’S DEAL PAGE on amazon website.
  • Then you can either search for the lighting deal you want, or you can browse through the deals available on the platform.
  • Then select ADD TO CART
  • A timer is available on the page showing you how much time you have to purchase items. You have to pay close attention to this timer while making your purchases.
  • After adding the item to your cart, select PROCEED TO CHECK OUT. Before you place your order look for the promotional discount in the lightning deal section of the order summary.
  • Some terms and conditions apply to these lightning deals on Amazon, and you have to ensure you know about them before claiming lighting deals.

Conditions for Amazon Lightning Deals

  • Amazon lighting deals are available on Amazon deal’s page or prime page. On prime days, all deals are exclusively for prime members.
  • Amazon lighting deals cannot be transferred to other Amazon accounts.
  • You get to see a CHECKING DEAL STATUS message after you click ADD TO CART for some popular lighting deals.
  • Promotional deals are made available for customers to claim however, it is on the First-come-First-serve basis.
  • Once the lighting deals have been claimed they would be marked ALL DISCOUNTS CLAIMED or SOLD OUT. You get the option to purchase the item at the current price on Amazon, but you can no longer purchase it at the discount price.
  • Also, once you cancel an order for a lightning deal, you cannot place any order on such a lightning deal again.
  • Furthermore, Lighting deals do not apply to shipping, handling, or taxes.
  • You can only redeem your lighting deal by checking out through the PROCEED TO CHECKOUT button from your shopping cart.
  • Finally, Lighting deals have two-time restrictions, one for the general lighting deals and the second one for specific lighting deals. You have to add the item to your cart before either time expires.


In summary, Amazon allows you to purchase products at a cheaper rate for a particular period.

This is known as lighting deals, and you can check these deals on Amazon Today page.

You wouldn’t want to miss out on this, so take your time check out these deals, follow the steps we have shown you to claim deals and remember the conditions that apply to these deals.

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