How to See Private Friends List on Facebook | How to See Someone’s Hidden Friends on Facebook

How to See Private Friends List on Facebook – Facebook tries as much as possible to give users control over their Facebook account. And the Facebook settings offer users the opportunity to have privacy controls on Facebook.

Hidden Friend list is one of the privacy controls users have access to, and people can take advantage of this to keep their friend list hidden from others. Different people have different reasons for keeping their friend list hidden, but it could most likely be for security reasons.

Some users love to keep their friend lists, and activities on Facebook limited to a certain group of people.  

But, what happens when you want to take a peek at your friend’s private list? Well, there are tricks for you to check out people’s private lists, whether you are friends with them or not.

How to See Private Friends List on Facebook

How to View Somebody’s Private Friends List on Facebook 

Lots of people use Facebook to spy on their family members and friends. Facebook however, provides a way for users to protect their personal information on the platform.

But if you are the curious type, you may probably be wondering how to bypass this hurdle, and we have brought you just the trick you need for this. You may be curious about someone’s friend list or activities on Facebook but find it quite hard to access them.

With these tricks, we are about to show, you should be able to peep into anyone’s friend list even without being friends with them.

How to See Someone’s Hidden Friends on Facebook Using Facebook Friend Finder

You can use the friend Finder page to see your target’s hidden friend list. However, you need to have at least one mutual friend with the target, and you may not get the complete friend list too.

  • Navigate to the friend finder page
  • Then scroll down to the mutual section
  • Then type the name of the friend you wish to check his friend’s list.
  • To proceed, select the right account.  
  • Now you can view the list of common friends your mutual friend has with the person you wish to see his friend list. It is important to note that this trick only works when you both have a mutual friend or friends.
How to See Private Friends List on Facebook using Facebook Friend Mapper

How to See Private Friends List on Facebook using Facebook Friend Mapper

You can check the target’s friend list with the Facebook friend mapper extension.

  • Install Google Chrome extension: Facebook Friend mapper
  • Log into your Facebook account through the chrome browser  
  • To proceed, open the profile of the user you want to hack and click on his profile.  
  • Then you will find the blue link called Reveal Friends, just click on it.
  • Then wait for the process to be completed, and the hidden friend list will be revealed.

How Can I See Someone’s Hidden Friends on Facebook 

This trick requires a bit of technicality to get it done, you can follow the steps below;

  • This trick requires you to get the Facebook ID of a mutual friend and that of the person you want to hack a friend list.
  • Then you have to view the mutual friends between these two Facebook users by visiting “YOUR_ TARGET’s _NAME and=FRIEND_OF_YOUR_TARGET”
  • Then you can have access to the friend list


Now you have these tricks up your sleeves; you can take a peep at anyone’s friend list whenever you want.

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