Yahoo mail is a Web-based email service provider. The service has been in existence for more than 20 years now. It allows you to receive and keep an organized mail service.

Yahoo Services

Yahoo offers different services ranging from web search to news posting which includes sports, finance, celebrity, and weather.

The yahoo Flickr was yahoo’s proprietary image and video hosting service that allowed users to share images and videos.

Yahoo Answer is another excellent service from Yahoo. It is a community-driven question and answer forum that allows it’s users to both submit and get answers to whatever questions they want to be answered. This interactive forum like some other Yahoo services is available as standalone app for both desktop and mobile devices.

Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail Sign up and Login

Signing up for Yahoo is pretty much easy. When you enter the yahoo website, navigate to the top right side of the menu tab, locate the signup button and click on it. Now correctly fill the form and follow the instructions given and that’s all, your account will be created. Remember to provide any verification if prompted to. Also, save your username and password because it’ll be required whenever you need to log in.

Also signing in to your yahoo account is very easy like you did when signing up, go to the yahoo website, navigate to the top right corner of the menu and click on the sign in button. Now type in your username and password used in creating the account and within seconds you’ll be signed in to your account it’s that easy.

Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail Password and Account Recovery

Yahoo has an account recovery help for those who have by any means forgotten or miss-placed their yahoo mail password or Yahoo ID. The steps are very easy and user-friendly. However, the procedure for the password reset and Yahoo ID recovery is not the same. To recover your yahoo ID, click this link to take you to the account recovery page.

If you want to reset your Yahoo password, go to the sign-in helper page and follow the easy steps.

Challenges Encountered by Yahoo

In recent years, Yahoo has had some challenges maintaining their customer based. This is partly because Google is taking over the market with a more targeted customer-oriented service. This and other problems prompted Yahoo to sell its core business operations to Verizon in a deal worth $4.8 billion. Although many see the deal as a bad business because Yahoo was once perceived as the king of the Internet which should be worth more.

In conclusion, Yahoo on its prime was unstoppable and a big player in the Internet world, it pioneered and offered great services but somehow lost its way and couldn’t maintain its services. Hopefully its new owners Verizon would revive its services and make a breakthrough in the Internet market again.

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