Screen Recording Software – How to Record your PC’S Screen

Need to capture that live video on Instagram before it ends? Need a way to physically teach that student online how to use Excel? Trying to record a live stream on a website for someone who can’t watch it with you? Screen Recording Software is your best bet. This is the digital recording of your PCs display which often contains audio narration. Screen Recording Software helps you record whatever you need on your PC screen.

Difference between Screenshot and Screencasting

Recording your screen or screencasting as otherwise known as is just slightly different from a screenshot. A screenshot is a photo taken of the display on a device at a certain moment, but screencasting is when a video of made of your device display through a period of time which can be shared as a video or GIF. This is very useful for techies, especially because when they’re teaching computer lessons online or trying to teach step by step device DIYs, you could just screencast to show a practical description.

Screen Recording Software

How to Use a Screen Recording Software a Step by Step Process

Step 1: Install your screen Recording Software and Launch It

Select the software you would like to screen record with, download it and then install it. Snagit is one very good software which works good for short timed records but other apps like Camtasia, Screencast-O-Matic Pro, and Ispring free are good for longer and better editing effects.

Step 2: Select The Part Of The Screen You Would Like To Record

For some certain tasks, recording the whole screen is required but sometimes you want to focus on displaying the steps necessary for a certain part of the software. So, you want to record just a part of it instead of the whole screen so that those you’re trying to teach will concentrate on the important things.

Step 3: Start Recording

Now that you’ve chosen what you want to record like Nike just do it. But just before you start, clean up your desktop in case you have anything you won’t want the whole world to see or know. You should also clean up your browser activity if there’s anything you won’t like them to see in your browser history. Keeping notes and arranged them in the procession the video follows in order to avoid confusion. Keep a script if possible with the things or point you’d like to elaborate on.

Screen Recording Software

Step 4: Edit It

After screen recording, you may want to edit your video before you put it out. The most perfectly crafted screencasts will definitely have an error you will like to edit and with Snagit will edit and trim your recordings easily and give you any effects that you will probably like to add.

Step 5: Post It!

When you finish editing your clip, you can now share it in the cyberspace for your friends to see. Using Snagit or Ispring Cam, you can easily save your video in the mp4 format which is the world’s most accepted video format or as an animated gif. On Mac laptops, you can also change it to a file. Snagit, Camtasia and Ispring free features a vast range of features for sharing your video to different major platforms like Google, Youtube and or you could just save it to your own storage.


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