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Netflix com is an entertainment company which was founded by two American entrepreneurs; Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph.  This company (service) was founded 20 years ago (1997) in California USA. Currently, Reed Hastings is the Chairman and CEO of Netflix, Inc. while Marc Randolph is the CCO. These excellent individuals have been well able to push the company to a point where they have over 116 million users all over the globe with a workforce (employees) of 5,400. Netflix has wide range coverage reaching up to 190 countries with their services. Although Netflix com started out doing just rentals and sales of DVD but as time went by, they broadened their horizon and offered more and more service all on entertainment still. This website is very active and offers quite a number of services including;

  • Television production
  • Film production
  • Film distribution

Netflix also has their own products which they offer to the public and they include; video on demand and streaming media. The video on demand is gotten online but to inform you further, also gives out DVD by mail as service providers.

Netflix com

More About Netflix com is fast expanding and has introduced a series of features to suit their customers and to offer them even better services. The introduction of Netflix Original has really made a huge difference in their advancement. Notably, the company has delved into television and film series. Netflix Original presents customers with series of films and television contents from its own online film and television library. Presently, this service provides more films for users than any cable channel. And notably, has over 117 million subscribers all over the world. So for all movie lovers, get on this site and check out all they have for you.

To use Netflix, you have to subscribe because this is what makes you a member of the network and gives you access to it. The fee is a flat-fee but requires routine renewal from users. Unlike before, you would have to subscribe monthly before you can gain true access to the site. Netflix com is presently one of the key leading websites in film distribution. It has been recognized for its unique service of mailing DVDs and has been praised for that and the evidence of this.

Netflix Streaming Services

Netflix has given its user the opportunity to stream movie series online using their PC’s as medium through which it is made available. has developed even more to suite some other platforms like; smart TVs, Smartphones, Digital media players etc. Netflix has its own service plans which are divided into three (3) just to suit individuals of different categories.

Currently, the service has a mobile app called ‘Netflix mobile app’. This is available to only IOS and Android users and can be gotten on the Apple app store or Google Playstore.  The app makes services more enjoyable and accessible and also can be viewed without an internet connection.

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