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If ever they were a perfect visual presentation tool, Visme online presentation tools would be the one!  Studies have shown that people are more likely to remember or respond to what they see. The presentation platform makes it possible for you to create a professional visual content like infographics, graphs, and carts within minutes.

On the Visme platform, you can create presentations, publish it online, embed it to a website/blog and even download for offline use. Visme lets you download your projects in diverse formats including PDF and as HTML5 document so as to preserve all interactivity for offline use. In simple terms, Visme is an all-around online presentation tool for both experienced and inexperienced designers.

Don’t be scared or confused by the jargons, you don’t have to be a professional graphics designer to use Visme and that’s the beauty of the platform. It is extremely easy to use and very flexible to navigate the tools. All you need is to have an idea of the message you want to pass.

One might ask the difference between Visme and other traditional presentation software. Well, when you access the platform you’d appreciate its simplicity and robustness. It makes other presentation tools look complex and updated. More reasons we prefer Visme:

  • With Visme you can create more than one type of content. It’s great for both Infographics and all types of visual presentations.
  • You definitely don’t need to be a professional or have coding or design experience
  • The platform is user-friendly and easy to navigate to personalize contents, especially with its amazing template libraries as a great starting point to create presentations.
  • Users can add interactivity and animation to any content and also download contents in all popular formats: Image, PDF, and HTML5 formats which is both web and mobile friendly.

Visme Presentation

Highlights of the Amazing Features of Visme Presentation Software

We’ve already pointed out some powerful features available on Visme, now let’s highlight on these features;

  • Variety of preinstalled assets: with the Visme online presentation platform, users can access millions of assets to create the perfect visual content. From millions of searchable premium images to rich text widgets and animated texts. All these make it possible for users to create professional contents within minutes. With more templates than you could ever use, Visme is currently way ahead of its competitors.
  • Online infographic maker: Visme has taken visual presentation through Infographics to the next level. Its content block of templates has been categorized to feature templates for most fields and you can also create a custom infographic content from a blank canvas.
  • Visual content one-stop-shop: with Visme, you can literally create everything in terms of visual content. From visual reports to flyers, posters, business cards to blog graphics and even ads banner. This is what makes Visme online presentation platform one-of-a-kind and it took years of development and collaboration with millions of users to achieve. The mission is to help users regardless of experience, translate their ideas into engaging content within the fastest time possible.
  • Full interactivity and animation of contents: Visme comes with a sophisticated and easy-to-use animation engine. With just a few clicks you can animate your content to become more interactive and entertaining. Check out a short video of how to animate contents through Visme below;

  •  Insert audio in contents: Visme lets you insert audio clips to your contents. They are preinstalled sounds in the system but users can also upload their own audio files and it’s very easy to manage the timing and fade controls.
  • Adding Team Members: you can easily add members of your team to access and share your company’s projects. You can also assign privileges and roles to each member.

Visme Vs Canva

They are so many online presentation websites for users to create presentations. However, they are only a few standouts like Piktochart, Canva, and Prezi. Earlier this year we reviewed the Canva graphic design platform and got lots of amazing feedback from readers. Now we want to briefly compare Canva and Visme below;


In conclusion, the Visme online presentation platform is currently ahead of the competition amongst other presentation websites. We’ve highlighted some of the amazing features of Visme that makes it stand out. As a start-up entrepreneur or blogger with limited capital to spend on branding, Visme is a great option for you. Its premium account at $19 per month or $10 per month for those going for the annual subscription is very cost effective. It also makes for a good cost-quality ratio.

With the Visme platform, you can virtually create any type of visual content. It lets you save it in any format for online and offline use. Visme is much more than just an online presentation software. Through their robust platform, you could access analytics and granular data of each project you create. The platform is user-friendly and very easy to navigate even for first-time users. We’ve talked so much about this, why not give it a try today and see first-hand what the fuzz is all about. Start creating your own visual content now on Visme!

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