Groupon Gift Card – Where can I get a Groupon Gift Card?

Groupon Gift Card offers users a variety of marketplace deals with merchants in goods and services from all over the world. With a Groupon Gift Card, you are rest assured to get the best stuff to see, eat and buy from Groupon partners in hundreds of cities worldwide. You’ll get all these at a much-discounted rate.

The Gift Card is available to customers via the Groupon website. All affiliate retail outlets like Safeway, Giant Eagle, and Jewel-cisco also offer it.

How to buy the Groupon Gift Card

The Groupon gift voucher or gift card is very easy to purchase. Simply visit with your desktop or mobile device then;

  • Select the Email gift card option
  • You can then customize the Groupon Gift Card to suit your taste
  • After that, would then be required to choose the purchasing value of the card
  • Add your details including name and email
  • Choose a delivery address, date and proceed to check out and that’s all

The Groupon Gift Card can be purchased using any of the top credit card options like Visa card, MasterCard, Discover Card and American Express Card.

There are also other compelling deals available via Groupon like the Groupon Starbucks 20% cash back deal. This deal is available via the Starbucks gift card Groupon and is limited to purchases made at Starbucks locations only. Starbucks also offers a Starbucks eGift Card as its own digital gift card for customers to use on the Starbucks App. The eGift Card from Starbucks has an amazing offer of purchasing a $10 eGift Card for $5. So you can treat yourself or loved ones in any Starbucks participating stores.

Groupon Gift Card

How to send the Groupon Gift Card

You can send a Groupon Gift Card as a gift to friends and loved ones. The idea is for them to use the Gift card to treat themselves to whatever they desire within the price value of the card. To do this, visit the Groupon site;

  • Select the send Groupon option
  • Customize the Gift Card and select the amount you wish to send with the gift card
  • Then enter the recipient details like name and Email address
  • Finally, input your own details including payment method and any personal message you wish to send to the recipient with the gift card and proceed to check out.

A confirmation email will be sent to you afterward.

How to Redeem a Groupon Gift Card

If you are a recipient of a Groupon Gift Card, it might seem confusing to redeem especially if you’re not familiar with how it works. Even though the Gift Card usually comes with instructions on how to use it, some users still find it difficult. Here’s a breakdown of how it’s done;

  • As usual, you’d need to have a Groupon account to use the Gift Card. So log in to your account and if you don’t already have one, sign up for one.
  • On your account icon click on “select my gift”
  • Then select “Redeem a Gift Card”, you’ll be asked to enter the gift card code which is usually at the back of the Groupon Gift Card.

After that, you can now proceed to shop any item of your choice within the specified amount on the gift card.

How to check Groupon Gift Card Balance

While shopping with your Groupon gift card, you might want to check the balance especially if you intend to use it over a stretch rather than all at once. To view your Groupon gift card balance you must have a Groupon account. So login to your account and click on the “check balance online” option. Enter your card Groupon gift card number and 8-digit PIN. You can also check your gift card balance over the phone via the Groupon support desk. If you have further complications or difficulty while using your Groupon gift card, kindly contact their customer support via or call  877-788-7858.

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