Skype has become a quite popular platform known for its cheap internet calling services, with millions of users all over the world using it to connect with friends and family members no matter the distance. Skype video calling keeps millions of people interconnected in such a way that they can get in touch with others through video calls and become part of their everyday activities. As a business owner, it would delight you to know that Skype for Business makes your business dealings even more convienent.

Skype allows you to make free video calls, voice calls, send instant messages and share media files with other users on the platform. However, its video calling feature is one of the predominant features that have made it one of the most used social media platforms in the world. The Skype app is available on play store and Appstore for users to download and install on their phones and it is also available for Android phones, computer devices, and iOS devices.

 Most users do not only use Skype just to call people they love or friends they miss; they also use it as a medium for marketing their products and expanding their business. Skype actually makes it rather easy for business owners to connect with their clients from different parts of the world through video calls and voice calls, and create a more cordial business relationship. Most people wish to find out better ways to promote their business on social media platform due to its capability to reach a wide range of audience; well Skype for the business app is definitely what you need.

How to Get Skype for Business App

The simple Skype app you use at home is good for small businesses or calling loved ones, but when you want to move to a large scale business or have a Skype app dedicated for only business purposes, then you definitely need Skype for business. Skype for the business app is simply a video calling app meant for business purposes; it has features that make it easy for business owners to connect with clients or team members across Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices. Skype for business lets you add up to 250 people to online meetings, makes it possible for you to manage employee accounts, provide enterprise-grade security and is also integrated to your office apps. For its services, you get to pay $2 per month for each user. This app is available for Android devices and iOS devices if you wish to get this app

Skype for Business


  • Visit the Google play store on your phone app, and then search for the app on the search bar
  • Once you find it, click on the DOWNLOAD button and install the app on your phone.


  • Tap the Appstore icon on your phone, once it opens search for SKYPE FOR BUSINESS
  • Then tap the GET button and tap INSTALL to install the app in your phone. You may have to enter your Apple ID and password if you are prompted to.


Downloading this app for your computer device is quite easy; just follow these steps to get it done:

  • Sign into office 365 at
  • Select SETTINGS from the top of your office 365 page, choose SOFTWARE for your settings page
  • Then choose SKYPE FOR BUSINESS, choose your language, edition that matches your office app, if you don’t know, choose default and then click INSTALL. This may vary depending on your office 365 plan
  • Install the app, choose save as to download the setup file to your computer, then choose RUN once the setup file has been downloaded
  • The office installer starts installing only your Skype for business app, then choose CLOSE
  • Launch the Skype for business app, accept the licensing agreement and start using your app on PC.