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Passwords are such easy things to create, aren’t they? They are after all just a combination of words, numbers, characters, hieroglyphs and phoenix feathers. The need to create a strong Facebook password often leads us to combine random words and figures together in order to make our passwords reliable and secure. And this can easily lead to us forgetting the exact combination we put down. However, Facebook password reset provides you with a solution for this problem.

A lot of us are also permanently logged into our Facebook accounts either on our phones or other devices. Which means we don’t constantly input our passwords leading us to forget it altogether. This can become a problem when we have new devices. And also, when we log out of our Facebook accounts by mistake.

Your account could also have been hacked with random posts and direct messages beginning to emanate from your page. This can have absolutely nothing to do with you or your brand.

But not to worry you’re not alone. As there are a large number of people who forget their passwords every day and losing your password doesn’t necessarily mean you’d lose your account.

Facebook password reset is really easy and can be done by following a few steps

Facebook password reset

Facebook password reset processes


If you’re still logged into your account per chance or you find another device where your Facebook account is logged into then your work is pretty easy. All you have to do scroll down to Settings and privacy. At the page bottom, click on General and then click on Password and create a new password. You would be asked to input it in twice to ensure you have the right thing. Your new password should be strong but also something you can easily remember.


If you can’t find a device where you’re logged in or your hacker logged you out keep calm, help is still on the way. On your Facebook account, you would find a recover page for people who have lost their passwords. Click on “forgot password”, this instantly redirects you to a page where you’d be asked for some of your signup details.

You would have to type in your username or email address, full name and phone number. Remember all these details should be the details submitted to Facebook during sign up as they are proof of account ownership. This immediately pulls up a screen showing your details, cross check it and ensure it belongs to you. If all this checks out, Facebook would quickly send a retrieval code to either your number or email. Then your account can then easily be logged into from there. If you don’t receive your code, request for another or check to see if the details pulled up actually belong to you.

Once you have gained access to the account, quickly change your password to complete your Facebook password reset process.

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If you have lost access to your set up email and number or your hacker changes your information, your Facebook account is still not totally lost. Simply click on “no longer have access to these”. Facebook would ask you some security and personal questions to proceed with your Facebook password reset. This, however, comes with a 24 hour waiting period for security reasons.

But if you had initially set up “trusted contacts” then that makes things even easier. Facebook simply sends three different codes to three of your trusted contacts. Your trusted contacts would see the codes once logged into their recover page. You need to remember at least one full name of your trusted contacts before they can be revealed. Once you have received three codes, proceed to input it into the page and you immediately gain access to your Facebook account.

If none of these is an option you can reach out to Facebook support directly to have them look into the matter but patience is advised as it usually takes a long while.

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