Facebook Data Saver Settings | Data Saving Options

Facebook is no longer just the simple platform it used to be when it started, now it much more than that with a whole lot of features to enjoy. It is no longer just a platform for connecting with friends, but you can now play games on the platform, watch videos and keep up with trending news.

The Facebook platform has a whole lot of features that makes a rather exciting platform to be part of. The way Facebook consumes data has become rather alarming to individuals who have limited data. However, Facebook has a data saver option to enable you to control the level of data consumption.

Now your friends can make videos and share it online, groups or pages you follow post videos, and it plays as well. A whole lot is happening on Facebook and a whole lot of data being consumed to enable you to enjoy them. Facebook is also the type of platform people visit almost daily, so it is expected that the more you visit the platform, the more data it consumes.

Data saver settings enable you to save up data by reducing the image sizes, disabling auto-play and reducing video quality.

Now you can comfortably scroll through the news feed, having it in mind that each post consumes lesser data than it used to. The problem of having videos autoplay on the platform, and having your data finish in no time can be solved through Facebook data saver settings. It is quite easy to control data consumption on the platform, and we will definitely show you how.


How To Turn On Data Saver On Facebook

Scrolling through your news feed and having videos autoplay can be often annoying and also consumes a whole lot of data. Besides, Facebook is not the only app you have on your mobile device; there are so many others that need enough data to run them as well. But when you have limited data, you have to think of a way to control its consumption for each app on your phone. Well, Facebook data saver settings make it easy for you to do so on the app. Just follow these steps to get it done:

  • open your Facebook app on your device
  • tap the three horizontal lines on the top right side of the page (menu icon)
  • scroll to the bottom of the page and click on SETTINGS & PRIVACY
  • Then click on DATA SAVER
  • Push the button to turn it on
  • Once you turn data saver, you will see the option to automatically turn off data saver once there is a Wi-Fi connection. Turn on the ALWAYS TURN DATA SAVER OFF ON WIFI to disable data saver once there is Wi-Fi connection. But if you wish to still save data with Wi-Fi connection on, you can then turn it off the option.


Your Facebook app is totally in your hands, and you can set it; however, you want to suit you. The settings are available on the platform for you to visit whenever you want and make things work the way you want them to.

If you don’t like how much your data is drained by your Facebook app, you can simply follow the steps we have shown you to control the consumption of data on your Facebook app. Now you can control how much data Facebook consumes through the data saver settings.