Google Advanced Image Search | How to Find Copyright Free Images on Google

Google is presently one of the biggest search engines in the world, and you can find almost anything on this search engine. Once you type in a keyword in the search engine, you will find either what you are looking for or something related to it.

Google images are also great ways of finding images you are in need of, if you want to go visual on the search engine, you can click the Image option and see a plethora of images related to what you are searching for.

But do you know there are ways to narrow down your Google image searches and get specifics you want, this is where Google advanced image search comes in.

With Google Advanced image search option you can get just the size, color or type of image you need with ease. Furthermore, we are right here to show you how to go about getting the exact image type you want through Google advanced image search.

Google Advanced Image Search

How to Use Google Advanced Image Search

Now, if you want to optimize your image search to get just the image you need, then you need to pay close attention to what we’ve got to tell you.

Lots of images are contained in Google’s database, and you can use advanced filters to find just the particular image type you need from Google.

Getting just the simple images from the Images option on Google may not be enough, so if you need to go for an image of higher resolution, type, or color, then you need to know how to use Google advanced image search.

  • Google Advanced image search can be done either through, or you can use the Google Advanced Search tool.
  • On the Google images, select TOOLS after inputting your keyword
  • There are five ways to filter image search results: Colour, size, Usage, Type, and Time.
  • Filter by size allows you to choose the size of the photo. To pick small images, you need to click on Icon or Medium, but if you need to go for images of higher resolution then you need to click LARGE.
  • Filter by color enables you to choose the specific color of the image you want. If you want to go for images without backgrounds, you can select the TRANSPARENT Google images filter.
  • You can also select free images through Google’s advanced image search, using the Filter by Usage right option.
  • Also, you can select any type of image you want using Filter by type option; you can select CLIPART DRAWING or Any Type from this option. So, you don’t have to go through the process of shifting through millions of images to find the type of image you want.
  • Now you can also select photos available on the web within a particular time frame using the Filter by Time option. So, you get to see images that were available at particular period of time you choose.
  • Finally, you can also use Google’s advanced search tool to get specific image types you want. You can find images using unique search tools such as File type, Safesearch, Site or domain, Region, Aspect ratio, and exact phrase or word. This should definitely get you just the specific images you are looking for on Google.
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